Cook County Treasurer Or Cover Girl? Maria Pappas Shows Off Her Unique Style In 2023 Calendar

CHICAGO — One of the most in-demand 2023 calendars you can’t find in the mall or online.

Located in the Cook County Treasurer.

Cook County Treasurer Maria Pappas kicked off the calendar in 2021, showcasing 12 months of elected officials’ unique jacket collections.

On each page, Papas shows off his colorful outfit and personality in two poses with his signature jacket.

“Look at these tigers and skulls and hearts and pearls and lace,” Papas said of her jacket. , I got them some calendars.”

Papas owns “at least 60” unique jackets, most of which she said were torn off the shelves at Akira and children’s clothing store Laura and the Boys in Water Tower Place.

Papas’ favorite month: November.

“I’ve come to a stage in life where I don’t care what other people think,” Pappas said. “I’m a 74-year-old gray-haired grandmother and I wish you all the best. I’m not asking you to bring me my calendar. You’re asking me for it.”

credit: Mac Lederman/Block Club Chicago
Maria Pappas said her favorite month is November.
credit: Mac Lederman/Block Club Chicago
Pappas poses with a new calendar in his sprawling office at the Cook County Building

Pappas, whose Greek heritage is also celebrated in the calendar, came up with the idea for the calendar after being named Poland’s Daily News Person of the Year in 2021.

“The photographer asked if he could take a picture of me on the roof of City Hall. ​” said Papas.

Papas chose 12 jackets for the photo shoot. This translated perfectly into the photo she used to put out her first calendar.

Pappas had a friend print out the first batch of “greeks love” calendars.

“If I don’t like you, I won’t talk to you,” Papas said.

According to Pappas, the gesture was “uniquely passionate and amusing” and was paid for by the Maria Pappas Electoral Commission rather than at public expense.

The free calendar is fitting for Pappas, who gave away Maria Pappas bags after the city imposed a 7-cent fee on plastic bags in stores. She also said she handed out soap when she first ran for candidacy, saying she would “clean up the county government.”

credit: Mac Lederman/Block Club Chicago
Pappas’ jacket closet in the Cook County Building.
credit: Mac Lederman/Block Club Chicago
Papas in October.

“The first calendar was all gone in less than a month,” says Pappas. “People liked it because it’s very outlandish for someone in politics. No one would dare do this.”

Calendars will be hard to come by for most Chicagoans this year. Only 2,000 copies of him were printed.

“I give them to people in my life on a daily basis. Everyone at Starbucks has one. Everyone at the Ritz-Carlton, health clubs, waiters, city hall, doormen,” Pappas said. “People come up to me and yell, ‘Where’s my calendar?'”

credit: Mac Lederman/Block Club Chicago
Papas signs the calendar for one of the staff.

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