Did Miles Austin date Kim Kardashian? Details about Jets coach’s brief relationship with famous socialite

New York Jets wide receiver coach Myles Austin made headlines Friday for the wrong reasons.

The NFL has suspended the former Dallas Cowboys wide receiver for violating the league’s personnel gambling policy. The league had been investigating Austin’s online gambling activities for quite some time, according to ESPN.Austin reportedly didn’t bet on his NFL games, but did from the team’s facilities. .

The NFL has suspended Jets receiver coach Myles Austin for violating the league’s gambling policy, sources said. Betting on other sports that violates the HR Betting Policy. https://t.co/n3ACgHXLPA

He was absent from the sidelines during the Jets’ 19-3 loss to the Jacksonville Jaguars in Thursday Night Football. No explanation was given for his absence at the time, but Friday’s suspension suggests the league had notified the Jets of its intention to punish Austin before the game against the Jaguars.

Austin has been largely off topic for over a decade, but in 2010 he did a few articles, but it wasn’t due to his excellent work on the field for the Cowboys.

NFL player Myles Austin dated Kim Kardashian in 2010

Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian dated briefly in 2010. According to reports, they began dating in June 2010 and split in September of that year.

Austin and Kardashian were reportedly happy together, but the wide receiver, who lives in Dallas, and the socialite, who spends most of his time in Los Angeles, put a strain on their brief relationship. Eventually called it quits, citing distance as the reason for the breakup. But Austin isn’t the only NFL player Kardashian has reportedly dated.

Reggie Bush and Kim Kardashian Relationship

Former New Orleans Saints star Reggie Bush also dated Kim Kardashian. They eventually started dating that year and were in a relationship until 2009.

San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Hornets
San Antonio Spurs v New Orleans Hornets

They reportedly broke up, citing their busy schedules as a reason to go their separate ways.

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The couple’s breakup had a deep impact on Kardashian. Posting her split with Bush, she had a breakdown during her photo shoot and said:

“I feel like my world is over. I don’t really care about my career anymore. I feel like it’s taken a toll on my relationship.”

Bush married Lilit Avagyan in 2014.

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