Dimpy Ganguly Shares Third Baby’s Cutesy Video From His First Photoshoot, He Poses With Gadgets

Former TV actor Dimpy Ganguly is busy taking care of the Three Musketeers. From giving her IG handles a glimpse into her life, to making sure she gives her three kids the best, Dimpy is doing what she does best as a mother. He gave us a cute glimpse of him posing with high-tech equipment for a photo shoot.

For those who don’t know, Dimpy took a sabbatical from work and in 2015, following Bengali customs, tied the knot with the love of her life, Rohit Roy. She named her Liana. She then welcomed her second child, Aryaan, in 2020. Now her family is complete with the birth of her third child, Rishan.

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On November 4, 2022, Dimpy took control of Instagram to post a cute video of a newborn baby. In the clip, he wore a gray knit onesie and posed with cute gadgets as props. Alongside that, Dimpy wrote a lovely note that can be read as follows:

“When you’re born in the WFM era, you start early.”

Watch the video here!

A few weeks ago, Dimpy posted an adorable photo of her newborn baby and revealed his name. OK. He was relaxing in his bassinet. On top of that, Dimpy wrote a long note introducing the world to her little wonder, Rishan Ganguly her Roy.

I love cute videos of Dimpy babies!

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