‘Economy, that’s ok, you will survive,’: Tiktokker’s hilarious take on Singapore Airlines’ class signs goes viral

TikTokker recently noticed something strange about the signage used to distinguish between different classes of routes on Singapore Airlines while at the airport.

TikTok user Sonny-Joe Flanagan added a hilarious comment on a photo featuring the airline’s ambassadors, aka Singapore girls, about what it seems to convey about passenger expectations.

“Who took this photo? 📸😂,” he wrote in the caption of the video posted yesterday.

@son_dawg_millionare Who did this photo shoot? 📸😂 #sonnyjoestories #firstclass #singaporeairlines #photoshoot #spillingthetequila ♬ Original sound – Sonny-Joe Flanagan

This clip, which has already been viewed more than a million times, starts by displaying a first class banner. The First Class banner features a smiling woman with her hands formally folded in front of her.

“But first class! You’re going to have a great time!” he says.

It then pans to the premium economy and business class banners, showing a similarly posed woman.

“Welcome to Business Class, you’ll love it!”

Then he gets to economy class. It holds a banner of a smiling woman with her shoulders slightly drooping and her hands at her sides.

*sigh* Economy, okay, you’ll survive,’ he says.

Many Singapore Airlines fans jumped at the comment that the airline’s economy class is superior to other airlines (including winning Best Economy Class at the 2022 Business Travelers Asia Pacific Awards). award-winning).

Flanagan replied that he had never flown on the airline, but that he would like to try it.

Some users also relate to his sense of humor.

“Hahaha, this is what I think to myself when I see something like this,” commented user Timmy.ob.

“We should think the same way! Glad I’m not the only one who thinks this way! I thought it was weird😂,” he replied.

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