Elizabeth Hurley Proves She Looks Sensational in Every Lighting as She Models a White Bikini

Elizabeth Hurley’s latest Instagram post proves that in any light, in any bikini, she looks like a glittering fantasy queen. dizzy The star shared a photo of herself rocking her branded white bikini in a series of different lighting, captioning it, “One Celestial bikini – 3 filters ❤️😘.”

In the photo, Harley looks off into the distance and can be seen turning heads in a white gold-accented bikini with long, luscious brunette locks hanging down. She looks like a radiant goddess because she’s lit by the lights of the sun. Then I’ll end the post with the same snapshot, but with lights in shades of red and blue on her.

For those who don’t know, Harley is not only an actress and breast cancer awareness activist, but also a business owner. created. “I love modeling my collections, and I actually think it helps me feel more comfortable and confident with age,” she told the Daily Mail in late 2021.

Well, in a previous interview with SheKnows, she talked about how ageism needs to be left behind. It’s just silly that people think they can’t enjoy the beach while wearing it,” Hurley said.

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She added: It’s a terrible point of view. When it comes to her style, women should do whatever they want,” she explained, adding, “And those who criticize women beware.”

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Elizabeth Hurley

Elizabeth Hurley

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