Exclusive: Meagan Good Commemorates 40th Birthday With Timeless Photoshoot

An accomplished actress, director and producer, Meagan Good’s career has been built over a lifetime. Since she made her first television appearance nearly 30 years ago, Goode has not only witnessed the transformation of television and film, but also helped shape it.

As a teenager, Megan set her sights on Hollywood success, but she knew it would be difficult. Also, being the only black family member in a predominantly white neighborhood gave the precocious youngster the first brush with a dual consciousness and how her ethnicity intersects with her experience as a woman. As the actress turns 40 today, she’s grateful for the wisdom she’s gained over the years.

“I’m really looking forward to turning 40,” Good told ESSENCE. “I’ve never been so excited about growing older, probably since I was 16. I’m feeling the seasons changing in a really big, life-changing way. What God is going to do next?” Excitement and anticipation for what’s coming!”

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Throughout her career, the overall influencer has taught the world many lessons about living an authentic and purposeful life. Through criticism, she has responded kindly in a way that shows maturity and growth. was doing.

In her 40 years of life, Goode has provided us with unforgettable moments in both film and television. She has appeared in movies such as Bayeux of the Eve, Stomp the Yard When Think Like A Manalong with a recurring role in cousin skeeter When minority reporterThe California-born actress takes her job seriously and makes it a priority in her life. But for nearly her decade, one of her most important roles has been her spouse. In June 2012, Megan married producer, writer and motivational her speaker Devon Her Franklin.

Her marriage to Franklin has been highly publicized, largely because of their positive, faith-based connection. And they became known for their decision to wait until marriage before having sex. The Weight.

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Goode was a devout Christian for many years, and her journey has inspired many people, especially the younger generation. and lived with grace.she celebrated her 40thth On her birthday, she had a photo session to show how far she’s come and her enthusiasm for the next phase of her life.

“I commemorated this shoot so that it would be a visual time stamp to remember exactly where I was this season. “Even healing from things I didn’t know I needed healing…for free,” says Goode. We want you to embrace the freedom that you should, find their path and purpose relentlessly, and see our life lessons in terms of empowerment and an unbreakable crown. We can judge that it has made us stronger and effectively prepared us for what is next.

inside? Girls understand the challenges. This is 40!

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