Five email marketing tips for photographers

Keep your photography business in mind with well-thought-out, ongoing email campaigns. These 5 tips will help her improve your email marketing ROI.

1. Get subscribers

An email cannot be sent if there is no recipient. With today’s email privacy laws, it’s imperative to get permission to add someone to your email list. But remember, you already have a customer list. Offer them a small discount or token of appreciation for signing up for your email. If you have social media followers, do the same. Followers come and go, and social media algorithms are constantly changing. So now is a great time to see if they’ll join your mailing list.

The value of doing this is being able to stay in the customer’s mind via email if they subscribe. Even your particular business may not come to mind. But people who receive quality email content are more likely to turn to you when they need photo services or when a friend asks for recommendations.

2. Grab your audience’s attention

Know your target audience and write about topics that appeal to them. A compelling subject line and a relevant, compelling story are more likely to grab the attention of your email recipients. Talking about yourself or bragging about your work doesn’t.

You don’t have to be a writer. Brevity is fine. It’s the story that makes it interesting. You just need to be interested in your customers. Stand out. Find your niche. Test what works. Your client may love the humor, the quick tips, or his gallery of photos with detailed instructions. Email analysis can help you understand the formula.

If your business revolves around baby photography, consider an email offering parenting tips, photography ideas, or photo gift ideas for grandparents. Either way, your customer base may be searching for these things, so why not offer some helpful advice.

Do you take travel photos? I will write a recommendation for where to go. animal pictures? Take a silly photo of your pet of the month. nature photography? Sharing a great landscape photo might be enough. wedding photo? I’m sure your experience has given you some unique wedding ideas to share.

3. Call to action

Always include a call to action (CTA) in your emails. You need something that calls to action to get people to open and read your emails. An email talking about high school sports, teen fashion, or hairstyling trends could be tied to an article, such as her back-to-school photo getting 10% off. If someone refers your friend in our Thanksgiving family photo ideas article, we offer a free package his upgrade.

4. Be consistent

To stay relevant and increase the chances of your email being opened, you need to be consistent. If he gets an email from a company once every six months, he probably feels that he doesn’t care much about the email and will probably hit delete. The goal of this campaign is to drive regular engagement and give subscribers content they look forward to, or at least keep in their inboxes.

5. Simplify with software

You can start small with a personal email client, but email marketing software can go a long way. Give your customers subscribe and unsubscribe features that work the way they should, analyze your email performance so you can improve it over time, and automate your sending.

There are many tools such as Moosend and MailChimp. Pricing, mailing limits, templates, forms, and A/B testing are all important features to consider, but ultimately you need to choose the best tool for your specific needs at the moment.

I wish you good luck. Build relationships with your customers and get the most attention with your emails.

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