Freakshakes and pup cups at Aberdeen’s Long Dog Cafe

There aren’t many places where you can sit with your pup and bury each nostril in whipped cream or a treat-topped drink.

But The Long Dog Cafe on Claremont Street in Aberdeen comes highly recommended.

Freakshake is their specialty. Imagine a picturesque mason jar swirled with sauce, dipped in chocolate, filled with a thick milkshake, piled high with whipped cream and topped with your favorite chocolate bar.

Long Dog Cafe is known for its freak shakes, including this unicorn. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

Flavors range from indulgent Biscoff and Kinder Bueno to fruity jammy dodger and even matcha.

Shakes are famous not only in Aberdeen, but far and wide, with the cafe’s social media comments flooded with people drooling over this sweet treat from as far away as Australia.

Built on business

Long Dog Cafe was opened in 2015 by Jamie Brown and Tom Reed. It was named after two dachshunds, Gavin and Linda.

After Jamie and Tom decided they wanted to step away from the business and start a family, they sold it to Jamie Miller.

Owner Jamie Miller and supervisor Aoife Farrelly. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

“I also own a kennel and cattery business that has been heavily impacted by Covid, so when I found the cafe for sale it felt like a good fit,” Jamie said. .

He’s been running The Long Dog Cafe for about a year now.

Well aware of the risks of taking on a cafe with such a loyal customer base, it was important for Jamie to embrace the existing business rather than force it to change. No, it’s like a new owner, a little adjustment period,” he said.

“Most people have found that my aim was not to remove it, but to add it.”

flavorful freak shake

Freakshakes are a staple of the Long Dog Cafe menu, but they’re still evolving every day.

Jamie and supervisor Aoife Farrelly are always experimenting with new flavor combinations to suit current trends and seasons.

Aoife said: Either we put our heads together, Jamie comes up with an idea, or he gives us a list of ingredients to use.

Aoife making Oreo and Biscoff free shakes. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

“I also think about what I want to eat and what I want to drink. That’s the main way I come up with ideas.”

The café’s core menu features 12 free shakes, but special menus and custom orders are also welcome.

Some shakes, including Kalamac and Biscoff, can be enjoyed warm during the winter months, and all can be adapted for those with allergies or intolerances.

ready for photo shoot

It would be hard not to be presented with something as visually stunning as Freakshake and not want to take at least 10 photos.

The team at The Long Dog Cafe are fully aware of this and are proud to arrive at your destination ready for a photo shoot.

“They are very Instagrammable items, so I emphasize to my staff that not only the quality of the product but also the presentation is very important,” said Jamie.

Biscoff freak shake. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

“We decorate the mason jars first, then make the milkshakes, decorate them with whipped cream as soon as they are poured, and deliver them to our customers as quickly as possible.”

There is a wide selection, as well as custom shake options, but there are a few shakes that we think customers will be drawn to.

The Unicorn Freeshake for Kids is bright pink and decorated with a rainbow belt and drops.

For slightly larger children, Kinder Bueno, Oreo and Biscoff literally take biscuits.

cherish the region

But Jamie and Aoife are worth much more than good-looking drinks.

They always use quality ingredients to ensure their shakes are more than just beautiful pictures.

Jamie says: Everything we use is local, the ice cream is from Liza in Huntley and the milk is from Kerr. All high quality products, so they taste as good as they look. ”

Happy customers enjoying pup cups. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

Freakshake isn’t the only thing Long Dog Cafe is best known for.

Jamie said that Cafe Bonbon is another favorite for those with a sweet tooth. Condensed milk and he is Vietnamese his coffee made with two shots.

The coffee beans used are from Aberdeen’s MacBeans, and the cafe’s refrigerator stocks Raw Culture kombucha and Summerhouse drinks.

doggie drink

Puppy cups are the most popular drink for furry friends.

If your dog is in the mood for a little more boogie, The Long Dog Cafe also serves dog-friendly beer and porcecco.

Not only do we ask our human customers if they have any allergies, but our staff constantly checks to see if there are any foods that dogs can’t eat when they visit us, so we take extra care.

The interior is dog friendly. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

Long Dog Cafe isn’t just about great drinks. Its food menu is full of delicious dishes that you can enjoy if you have the room with Freakshake.

Customer favorites include the “giant” bacon roll, the “Hello Sir” bagel with halloumi, pickled red cabbage, arugula and chili sauce, and loaded naan.

Q&A with Jamie and Aoife from Long Dog Cafe…

What’s your favorite freakshake?

J: Karamac. I was obsessed with it when I was a kid.

Best dog moment?

A: A little cocker spaniel puppy came and got a puppy cup, but her ears were so big that the owner actually had to use hair bobbles to tie them up.

J: I would never say I have a favorite customer, but Molly is a regular. I hear her get out of the car. She talks to everyone and every other dog.

What is your favorite breed of dog?

A: German Shepherd.

J: A golden retriever.

Hello Sir bagel. Image: Kath Flannery/DC Thomson

Weird order?

J: “Hallosa” but no toppings, just a halloumi bagel. It’s not that weird, just keep it as simple as possible.

What are your dog-friendly tips?

J: Be kind and understanding. Even a cafe complete with leather benches and plush cushions wouldn’t be the most welcoming.

What are the most popular dog treats?

J: Pup Cups – We piled the whipped cream high and stuffed it with treats like a freakshake.

Latest menu?

J: We are currently testing new menu items, and the pulled pork and seafood duck are popular.

A: We also have a special take on pancakes from local bakeries on weekends. This requires bacon and maple syrup or other toppings.

What’s your most popular drink besides freakshakes?

J: Maybe Cafe Bonbon.

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[Freakshakes and pup cups at Aberdeen’s Long Dog Cafe]


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