‘Friends’ Newborn Photoshoot is an Adorable Nod to the Beloved Sitcom

iconic sitcom friend Although it premiered nearly 30 years ago, its cultural impact is still undeniable today. Photographer Mandy Penn is introducing a whole new generation to the beloved show with adorable newborn photoshoots. friendcreated a themed set and dressed six babies as cast members and special characters.

Penn came up with the idea for this special photo shoot thanks to his pal Ali friend A lover and a new mom on a set of twins. With the concept in mind, Penn set about planning. A village was needed to bring the concept together and turn it into something great.

Penn and Ali started by making a list of props they wanted to include in the photo. This step turned out to be very important. friendThemed objects are what make the images so fun and successful. Most importantly, Penn knew he wanted the famous red sofa seen in Central Park. This incredible item was made possible by her friend Danielle Shunk. She custom completed her miniature upholstered sofa in just her 5 days. Decorating the couch (and the baby) was made possible by Penn’s friend Denise, who made crochet props like lobster hats and turkey heads.

With the plan complete, Penn was so happy to see all the babies on the couch.A testament to her passion and creative vision, each photo includes: friend Fans will love it! Scroll down to see adorable portraits and see how many details you can identify.

Photographer Mandy Penn created an adorable newborn photoshoot inspired by her love for sitcoms friend.

newborn photo shoot ideas


newborn photo shoot ideas


newborn photo shoot ideas


newborn photo shoot ideas


newborn photo shoot ideas


newborn photography props


newborn photography props

Holiday armadillo, santa and superman

newborn photography props

Monica, Rachel and Phoebe in wedding dresses

newborn photography props

He’s her lobster!

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