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MeI was part of Hollywood’s elite, so I spent an inordinate amount of time figuring out which photo of me they would use in the Oscars’ “Memorial” segment. Does it make me look young and energetic? Old and majestic? Did you play a fat baker getting bitten in the crotch by a small dog in one of my most treasured movie character shots?

I mention this because, if I had to guess, Brad Pitt hasn’t spent any time worrying about this. We already know he looks dead thanks to the selection of portraits that accompanied his new GQ interview.

Look at the cover. that’s abnormal. Pitt’s hair is slicked back, he wears a gold medallion and a highly flammable shirt, and lies on a bed of artificial flowers. his eyes are open he wears mascara He, needless to say this is an understatement, looks like some undertaker tried to clean his corpse before his family arrived for a visit. crawling

Surprisingly, this isn’t the most amazing setting of the shoot. Scroll through the interviews to find Pitt, dressed like a wax figure of Jim Morrison who had a stroke, bit his finger while wearing his bright yellow Safari suit, and dug up Billy’s butt at Goodfellas. You can see it hiding somewhere. His 14th best stage in the Republic is his magician and Hey Duggee artistry his mouse his Tino giving his A+ impression.

Part of me was impressed. In the past, I have attended photo shoots where the actors have refused to do anything even slightly funny. I saw a steadfast refusal to stand against a wall. Meanwhile, in Los Angeles, a photographer said to Pitt, “Hey Brad, can I set my hands on fire?” and his reaction was: Can I look like I’m urinating in my pants? ” Whatever you think about the picture, you have to applaud him for his commitment.

Still, GQ has done a very thorough job of photographing one of the most photogenic men in the world and making sure they’re not astonishingly photogenic. If so, I think the biggest culprit is the interview itself.

This is an example of the worst celebrity magazine profile. It’s selfish and profoundly fake, determined to spice up even the most mundane interactions until it sounds like a divine proclamation. There is quite a bit of variability as to whether he prefers cold or room temperature water. There is a nicotine mint tract. At one point he simply stops speaking, leaving the interviewer dumbfounded in awe and nothing but amazement.

That’s why so many parts of the interview are taken over by the most boring subject on the planet. That’s right, Pitt explains his dream. There’s nothing particularly interesting about this – he’s had dreams of being stabbed many times before – yet the GQ cover exclaims, “Brad Pitt has carved out his dream world.” Enough content for So it makes sense that the accompanying photo shoot would be entirely dream-themed. This is how it came to occupy several pages.

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