Gabrielle Union Chases Waterfalls in Green Bikini During Family Holidays in Maui

Gabriel Union

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Gabrielle Union is ringing in some TLC in 2023.

of LA’s Finest Referring to the girl group’s hit 1995 single “Waterfalls,” the 50-year-old star shared a video to Instagram on Friday, bathing under a real waterfall in a green two-piece bikini and orange hiking shoes. showed off the fit.

“I wouldn’t have gotten this far if I’d stuck to familiar rivers and lakes,” Union wrote in the caption, citing the song’s lyrics.

Beloved ’90s music references aside, she set the clip to a classic from SZA’s new sophomore album. SOSThe Grammy-winning 33-year-old wrote “WHEWWWWWW” in the comment section with a heart-eye emoji.

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Union has been enjoying a family vacation in the tropics over the holidays, and previously shared a short Christmas clip of her and husband Dwyane Wade sunbathing with their 4-year-old daughter, Kirvia James.

“Merry Christmas everyone spread the word πŸ–€πŸŽ…πŸΎπŸŽπŸŽ„πŸŒˆ,” she wrote in the caption.

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of bring it on I also ran into an actress Abbott Elementary School Star and creator Quinta Branson during a beautiful sunset photo shoot with her chicks.

“When we’re together… swipe for @abbotelemabc season 3 spoilers,” Union captioned the photo, after labeling Dwayne and Curvia, 40, as “mom,” “dad,” and “kids.” , labeled Branson, 33, as “someone’s child.”

“No… someone’s child,” Branson wrote in a comment.

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Union celebrated its milestone 50th birthday last month with “the best birthday present ever” from Wade, who tattooed his initials on his wrist with a heart during a family trip to Cape Town, South Africa. I shared a video of her reaction to putting the

“The moment your man found out you got his 17th tattoo. @dwyanewade made his best birthday surprise for #SouthAfrica WadeWorldTour2022,” she wrote in the caption.

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