Gary Lineker reunites with ex-wife Danielle for Christmas six years after marriage split | Celebrity News | Showbiz & TV

Gary Lineker, 61, and ex-wife Danielle Bucks, 42, are on good terms despite their divorce in 2016. She is Daniel’s eldest daughter who is staying in London.

On Instagram, the mother of two shared a photo of her ex-husband with her oldest daughter, Ella.

She captioned the photo, “Our annual Christmas dinner.” We could see Ella and Gary beaming in their long coats.

“It’s always fun,” Gary added while posting the photo to his 1.1 million followers.

Former professional footballer and Danielle split six years ago after the latter wanted to be the mother of another child, but Gary, a father of four, was too old to have a new baby. I could not do it.

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“It may be unusual and people may say ‘weird’ but frankly I don’t care. What is normal?

“Would you rather get divorced and fight and yell, or would you rather ride?”

Gary and Daniel didn’t really choose to involve a divorce lawyer when they separated, instead filling out all the required forms together.

Gary married Michelle Cockayne in 1986 and has four sons: George, 29, Harry, 27, Tobias, 25, and Angus, 23.

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