Gift ideas for working moms

Raleigh, North Carolina — I will give you a terrible gift. So I said. I’m neither thoughtful nor inherently creative (…a combination that doesn’t bode well for my husband on vacation, by the way). I want to give a meaningful present to the working mother staff, but I don’t know what to give…

So if you are in the same “I don’t know” position, you are mine!To help both of us, I consulted Restored community We curate several gift guides that focus exclusively on the lifestyles, needs and wants of working mothers. We’ve shared some empirical gifts below, along with a list of what working moms don’t want for the holiday season (yes, these are also crowdsourced.

On the flip side, if you’re a market mom and need to send some not-so-subtle tips to the horrible gift-givers in your life, print out the list and tell them you can’t.

For more product-based gift ideas, visit restored blog Here you’ll find beauty, home, office and on-the-go gift guides tailored for career-minded moms.

self care solution

  • date night – Buy some movie tickets, make dinner reservations, and hire a babysitter (or babysit yourself).
  • photo shoot – We love the idea of ​​hiring a photographer to capture special moments or seasons.
  • Pedi/Spa/Girls Night -Basically, anything that indulges or encourages friendship is always on the list.


  • House cleaning – This cannot be overemphasized. I cut off his left arm to keep the house clean.
  • laundry service – I haven’t used this personally, but Raleigh has several pick-up and drop-off laundry service options that can save a lot of time for busy moms.
  • meal service – I am a fan of Satori’s Mealbut there are also some other local options along with national ones.

career development

  • career coach – This is a great gift for working moms, but since the recipient will likely want to interview potential coaches to make sure they have a personal connection and can progress under their guidance, It is best given as a homemade gift certificate.
  • coworking day pass – Even if your mom has a home office set up, it’s great to get out of the same four walls and mingle with others in a coworking environment. I personally love her Blush Cowork, but there are plenty of options in Raleigh and its suburbs.


  • fashion – Raleigh Startup, prep, A truly unique gift for working moms. The company’s subscription-based consulting is affordable, convenient, and trendy.
  • music – Whether it’s Spotify, Apple, or Amazon, it’s nice to have a little background music.
  • car wash – Our family has a Waves membership, but really any car wash will do. It saves time, prevents disagreements between husband and wife, and is fun to spend time with children.
  • mental health – Moms all over the world are suffering in space and many counselor offices are full. Here’s a list of apps that help with mental health.


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