Harry Styles Poses With Toddler Mattress And Pink Teddy Bear Shirt For Gucci, Which Is Owned By Balenciaga’s Parent Company

Consumers are more aware than ever of predatory content coming out of Hollywood and the fashion world. TikTokers began burning Balenciaga’s gear after the company was dragged online for releasing a spooky campaign featuring a young girl holding a bondage teddy bear and standing over Supreme Court documents on child pornography. Even more people started boycotting the brand altogether. Well, Balenciaga’s parent company, Kering, owns a number of other brands known for creating questionable advertising at best, including Gucci.

Harry Styles poses with a toddler mattress and pink Gucci teddy bear shirt

Earlier this week, Gucci posted a series of photos from its new fashion campaign called Gucci HA HA HA. The photo shows singer-songwriter Harry Styles wearing an oversized pleated khaki, white T-shirt with an angry pink teddy bear on it, and a green plaid flannel coat. In one photo, she wears a few other items, including a pink and green sweater vest, a long gray coat, and a patched plaid blazer with bell-bottom pants. Gucci has created a story highlight that includes slides explaining this capsule created by Alessandro Michele and Harry Styles.

“On the inspiration behind #GucciHAHAHA, Alessandro Michele writes: ‘I proposed to create a ‘dream wardrobe’ with him. It started with the little weirdness that came together inside.”

There are images of the item, including a close-up of the T-shirt Harry is wearing in one of the photos.

Multiple slides use the phrase “dream wardrobe,” and one story describes the line as “a playful discourse about dress-up rules.” According to the designer, this “performance piece” is inspired by his 1970s.

But one thing people can’t stop noticing is the fact that Harry is posing next to a toddler mattress in one of the pictures, and he’s carrying a kid’s mattress around and looking at the other Many people wonder why so many people nod to young children, beds and stuffed animals.

The other photos seem normal enough, but everything that has been discovered about Kering (CEO who owns an auction site that sells pedophilia art, Balenciaga with art books that glorify pedophilia and cannibalism, etc.) Given , people can’t help but notice. The never-ending theme of children and toys in these fashion campaigns.

Singer and conservative activist Kaya Jones shared an image on her Instagram, writing, “Why is a grown man posing on @gucci’s kids bed? Please explain what it has to do with fashion??? And what is the pink teddy?” ”

Thousands of people liked and commented on the photo, wondering why Gucci had Harry pose on a toddler mattress alongside a teddy bear T-shirt. apologized and after a scandal that forced them to delete their entire Instagram account, we expect Kering to be more cautious about the messages the brand sends out to the world.

Even Gucci’s Instagram page has hundreds of comments on the photo indicating that people are uncomfortable with the image.

“A toddler bed? A grown man in a teddy bear shirt… a performance piece?” commented one.

“Why is the crib in this? Why the teddy bear’s shirt? At what angle? Strange aside?” said another.

“Leave the kids alone, Gucci💔,” someone said.

“A T-shirt with a teddy bear and a child’s mattress…get what I mean…” someone wrote.

Gucci has not yet responded to comments or issued an official statement on the matter, but it has drawn the attention of many who have raised awareness of the predatory nature of the recent Barencaiga campaign. is certain.

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