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Horoscope for the week of January 22ndMargie Riskiot – owned by Hearst

Summary: Romance is a spiritual practice! Venus enters soulful Pisces on Thursday and remains there until February 20th, encouraging our relationships to become more healing and loving. The Sun and Mars trine of , gives you more energy, passion, and vitality, both personally and in your relationships.

Read the horoscope for your Sun/Rising sign.


It’s time to let go, Aries. Venus enters your Pisces-ruled completion zone on Thursday, urging you to free yourself from the limiting beliefs, patterns, and people that are preventing you from receiving the love you deserve. Sun and Mars trines want to get together with friends and use the power of open-ended questions to provide understanding and empathy.


Friend, lover, or both, Taurus? On Thursday, romantic Venus enters your Pisces-ruled friendship sector, prompting you to intentionally blur the lines between romance and friendship. Sunday’s Sun/Mars trine will give you the grounding you need to feel positive and productive.


Connections and abilities, Gemini! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled career zone on Thursday, reminding you that both your professional relationships and your abilities determine the nature of your results and your success at work. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to follow your curiosity and follow exciting new ideas and strategies that you’ll need to apply immediately!


Long distance relationship, Cancer? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled travel sector on Thursday, attracting you to a partner who is a little “far away.” Either because they’re not your type (which is a good thing!), or because they literally live far away. That distance tells you a few things. Your Sun-Mars trine on Sunday is emo, so be curious, gracious, and considerate of yourself and others.


What does “intimacy” mean to you, Leo? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled intimate zone on Thursday, allowing you to share substantive truths about yourself and gain healing, joy, and connection from that self-disclosure of experiences, desires, and desires. The Sun-Mars trine on Sunday wants you to apply levity to your romances and deepen your friendships.


Opposites attract, Virgo? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled romance zone on Thursday, reminding you that chemistry and compatibility only exist when there are contrasts, opposites, and enough differences to spark a spark. Helps strengthen and inspire growth! Your Sun-Mars trine on Sunday wants you to be aware of the more technical details in order to discover solutions.


It’s the little things, Libra! Venus enters your Pisces-ruled attention to detail zone on Thursday, helping you notice who is noticing you. That is correct! A lot of relationship success comes down to doing small things often and recognizing who sees you doing small things. It helps you interpret more optimistically and boosts your self-confidence.


Are you ready to be “seen”, Scorpio? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled worth zone on Thursday, attracting people and experiences that help make you a reflection of yourself. You feel a little exposed, but you appreciate being understood, valued, and valued for who you are. provide clear communication that enhances


Can people be “home”, Sag? Venus enters your Pisces-ruled zone of belonging, attracting people and experiences that help you feel emotionally safe, connected, and at home. With underlying emotional security, your relationship will thrive. A Sun-Mars trine on Sunday can help you understand someone’s point of view, leading to a change of heart!


Communication is so exciting, Capricorn! Venus enters the Pisces-ruled language sector for those who can text, chat, talk to you in creative and empathetic ways, and challenge you to be just as affectionate. turn your heart Sun Sun and Mars trines want you to focus on embodiment and align your actions with how you feel.


Happy Birthday, Aquarius! Venus enters a Pisces-ruled safety zone, offering birthday cash and a restructuring of values ​​that will inspire you to practice what you teach. Nothing is safer than walking your talk. Sunday’s Sun-Mars trine wants you to share your thoughts, feelings, hopes, desires, and/or fears with anyone who needs to hear it!


Fate intervenes, Pisces! Venus enters your sign on Thursday, giving you the right time, the right place moment to help you suddenly connect romantically with people, your faith, your hopes, and your faith that the universe is invested in your relationships. You want optimism. A trine of the Sun and Mars on Sunday wants you to normalize what you’re feeling and bring critical awareness and skepticism to overly stressful emotions.

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