Here’s How To Look And Feel Better In Your Social Media Pictures

If you have a drink in your hand, you should be comfortable posing for the perfect photo to add to your social media accounts. The trick is to keep your cup as comfortable as possible while holding it. Are you holding a cup of coffee, a glass of wine, a bottle of water, or something else? There is none. All that matters is knowing how to pose your body.

In Christine Buzan’s TikTok video, her first pose suggestion is to face the camera with one hand in her pocket and one leg crossed over the other while holding a drink. The pose begins with a 90-degree angle, holding a drink in both hands and looking over your shoulder. In her third pose, she turns her around at a 45-degree angle, bends one knee slightly, and lifts a drink in one hand. Her fourth and final pose is facing the camera head-on, with one leg pointing diagonally forward and holding a drink in front of her with both hands.

As Holly Holden pointed out, times are very different when it comes to looking as good as possible in photos. Times have changed and it’s perfectly fine to strike the perfect pose with a drink in hand.

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