Here’s Why Women Apparently Find The Grinch To Be “So Freaking F*ckable” And Fantasize About Being With Him

When we think of classic Christmas movies and stories, the Grinch and his attempts to ruin our favorite winter holidays always come to mind. The Grinch as he is known today first debuted in 1957 when his Dr. Seuss published a story called How the Grinch Stole Christmas at his Random House. The character was brought to life by animator Chuck Jones and has since become an important part of his season of holidays, especially for children. but,We have a lot Woman You can’t help but see another side of the Grinch. sexual side, to be exact.

Here’s Why Women Find The Grinch “Insane” And Fantasize About Being With Him

These are the lyrics to “You’re Mean, Mr. Grinch.”

“You are mean

you are really heels

you’re cuddly like a cactus

you are as charming as an eel

Mr. Grinch, you are a bad banana

Grinch, with greasy black skin.”

It doesn’t exactly sound like a love song, or even a song about a man you want to hook up with. A December 2021 Cosmopolitan article by comedian Meggie Gates explains exactly why the Grinch has become a sex symbol. Gates describes him as “a sex icon I absolutely wanted to fuck.” Granted, the article may be partially humorous, but it tells us that there are plenty of women out there who say with a straight face that they fantasize about the Grinch as well.

Gates describes some of the Grinch’s most compelling qualities. He has long, nimble fingers, good for “scratching his back, turning his hair, and catering to our more primitive sexual needs.” He has a bad boy demeanor that is calm yet deeply rooted in a broken heart.

“Sure, he’s a bad boy, but he’s an achievable bad boy. It’s like fucking you in the car right before you see your mom and dad,” Gates wrote.

She says his messy home, whimsical mood, and short fuse reminds him of a “tired, sad boy with a tragic backstory” who deep down wants change. Not to mention his “huge alpha vibe” that makes him so attractive to some women (perhaps he loves complaining about toxic masculinity or anything related to alpha males). Exactly the same as women, but aside).

Of course, the politics of the Grinch play a role too. Because Whos of Whoville is “plagued by the limits of capitalism” and “comes with traditional consumerist expectations of what Christmas means,” the Grinch is a socialist hero and a greedy libertarian. Teach market lovers a lesson and resolve to steal. All Christmas presents to better achieve something similar in fairness.

“Let me give you one last thought. If his heart had grown three sizes that day, imagine what his pussy could do. I’ve never found the Grinch attractive. Then watch it with Mom and Dad this holiday season,” Gates concludes.

Cosmopolitan shared the graphic on its Instagram page sharing a link to the article, with comments mostly reflecting confusion rather than agreement.

“*rubs* what am I reading here?” someone commented.

“We are not getting along as a society,” said another.

“My brother/sister in Christ, if you are being held hostage and forced to write this kind of article, blink twice.

“Hmm, okay? Are you okay?” someone wrote.

The Grinch is a classic fairy tale, and it’s a little strange that he’s become a sex symbol.

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