How Carla Step Plans for a Creative Portrait Shoot

Planning and executing portrait photography is an art in itself. Creative vision, styling and props should be carefully prepared. Here, Ambassador Carla Step shares all the factors to consider before thinking about a shoot.

Words and photos by Carla Steppe

Step 1: Mood board

If you’re planning a portrait shoot and that’s not a challenge, the first thing to do is access the images you’ve saved for inspiration. Those pictures are where I start imagining what I want to do. Create a mood board with all your ideas and plan your session from there.

Step 2: Color

One of the most important questions I always ask myself is what color do I want to use? Color is very important to me, sometimes even more important than space and props.

Sometimes the model itself makes me think of a particular color, and sometimes I look for the opposite color. That is, to allow this person to find her palette of colors different from her usual aesthetic, and to photograph her from a different perspective.