How Sean Waltman Lost An Eyebrow For His 21st Birthday

In the early days of Sean Waltman’s WWE run as the 1-2-3 Kid, Mr. Perfect Curt Hennig shaved off one of his eyebrows right before the photo shoot.

Wrestlers playing pranks on each other is nothing new. In fact, some wrestlers were very notorious for being consecutive reverses. WWEBut like many other things about wrestlers, they often took things too far in the name of fun. Most of these pranks were inappropriate and just made people laugh. His one such prank happened when Sean Waltman was working as his 1-2-3 Kid. After a long night of partying, he woke up to find that his eyebrows were one less than his. And for a long time he wasn’t even sure who gave him the ribs.

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Kurt Hennig Shaves Sean Waltman’s Eyebrows

x pac without eyebrows.

On his 21st birthday, Curt Hennig and the Smoking Gunns (Billy and Bert Gunn) take Waltman out for drinks. That night he was exhausted and Kurt, the Master River, shaved off one of his eyebrows while Waltman was asleep.

The next morning, when I woke up, I had lost one eyebrow. Now he couldn’t grow his eyebrows back all of a sudden, so he shaved the other eyebrow as well, at least so they would match. I had to do a Hasbro photo shoot for the board.

Sean Waltman got revenge on the wrong people

Sean Waltman

Waltman then decides to take revenge on this prank. I didn’t know who had the eyebrows cut off, but I knew it was Smoking Guns or Mr. Perfect because they were the only ones with him on his birthday. Hennig and Waltman were longtime friends, so naturally he thought Billy and Bart were responsible for this act.

At the next house show, he decided to apply superglue to the brim of his hat just before Smoking Guns stepped into the ring. When they tried to remove it, it tore off part of their hair. Because he was protected from The Kliq.

Kevin Nash invited Sean Waltman to click


When Waltman was supergluing his Smoking Guns hat, Kevin Nash saw it and offered him a ride on the click. talked.

“We’re in El Paso. I look over and see Kidd over there. He’s got superglue and he’s putting it on the brim of his cowboy hat. What the hell am I doing? Kidd It’s like $70, and Billy and Bart are two big barebones guys. That’s one thing people don’t realize. I don’t know if it’s big.It was the same with Bert.We go to the curtains, smoking guns, they go out there with their hats on and they shoot their pistols and they go take their hats off.I’m myself We looked down at Kidd, he was standing there We need to get in our car, he jumped in. [with the Kliq] Moreover. I want this motherfucker in our car.” (quote credit)

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For more than 25 years, Waltman wasn’t sure if Smoking Guns had played this embarrassing prank on him.No one told him the truth, and a few years ago Billy Gunn X pack 1, 2, 360 On the podcast, Mr. Perfect finally revealed that he shaved his eyebrows on his 21st birthday. He kept this a secret for a long time because Kurt told him not to say anything.

Sean Waltman was later notorious for pulling pranks on other wrestlers

X-PAC Current Photo

The following year, X-Pac became one of the notorious pranksters behind the scenes of WWE. On one occasion, he put his poop inside Sable’s bag as a parting gift when she left WWE. , he defecated on a Mark Henry sandwich. So while brow pranks were pretty embarrassing to him at the time, Waltman did far more humiliating ribbing to others.

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