How to have the cutest fall photo shoot with your squad

Looking for some tips on how to create *cute* squad Filmed this fall? we’ve got you covered By choosing the perfect location, outfit, and props, this photo shoot will be one you and your girl will cherish forever.

costume ideas

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Pro Tip: You and your team should stick to wearing what you feel most comfortable with. hat, who?). Your outfit shows the amount of effort you guys put into making this shoot unforgettable.

DIY props


the props are Default Make your photos and photo shoots more fun. For the ultimate fall aesthetic, try adding fall leaves or picking up pumpkins. Adding props will put your team in a festive mood and add ~spice~ to your photos.

background ideas


As for the backdrop, your favorite outdoor hangout should do the trick. Going to a familiar place not only makes you feel better, but it also brightens your mood. A go-to place could be your favorite coffee shop, one of your best friend’s rooms, or even a nearby pumpkin patch if you’re feeling fall fantasies.

last minute tip


1. Come prepared to have fun (After all, you are hanging with your team).
2. Bring a spare outfit in case you’re not sure how it looks.
3. Plan the location and props before the shoot date. (Pro Tip: Preparation is *always* important.)
4. Laughing with girls = the ultimate haphazard pose.

Grab your squad now and capture some memories that all of you can cherish forever!

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