How to Prepare for a Personal Branding Photoshoot Like a Pro

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Attending client meetings or creating a website with magazine-worthy photos can strengthen your brand and make an unforgettable impact. Unlike the DIY shots in , you can set yourself apart from your competitors by giving off a professional and legit vibe from the start.

But were you thinking about booking a photo shoot, forgetting until that day and hoping for the best results? Think again!

Preparation is just as important as photographer skill and I say this as a professional personal branding photographer. am.

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1. Reconnect with your brand

You can’t afford to invest in a personal branding shoot unless you have a clear purpose for your brand.

  • how would you like to meet
  • what are your values?
  • How would you describe your brand in 3 words?

This should be your first step as it also affects most of the following.

Remember: it’s not just for yourself. Your photographer needs to know all of this so that they can capture your photos in a way that truly represents your one-of-a-kind brand. there is.

For example, to make you look powerful and confident, I shoot your photo from slightly below. Friendly and approachable? Then choose the same height to be at the same level as your audience (literally).

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2. Clarify the purpose of shooting and create a shooting list

If you’re like most of my camera-shy clients, your brain must have already worked out the worst-case scenario for this shoot. As far as that goes, most of them are actually very easy to fix.

Let me tell you a true tragedy. You invested in a shoot and realized you forgot the specific photos you needed for that new campaign. pain!

So do a good brainstorm and know exactly what kind of photos you need.

  • Where do you use them specifically?
  • Should I add text to some of them? (This affects backgrounds, poses and orientations)
  • Are you looking for colorful photos with black and white backgrounds, or are you trying to tell a story through your lifestyle and work photos?
  • What poses and facial expressions complement your written copy?
  • Should that particular shot be landscape or portrait?

Basically, don’t leave it on “need new photo”. Create a detailed shot list to avoid that dreaded initial scenario.

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3. Choose the right clothes and colors

I always tell my clients to bring 8 or 9 outfits. That way they can achieve different looks and not repeat the same thing. But it’s not just about clothes.

  • Choose clothes that include your brand colors and pop against your favorite background.
  • Dress to meet your ideal client. After all, your photos are virtually meeting clients 24/7.
  • Prefer solid colors to get a more versatile photo, and choose bold prints over details that the camera can’t really see.
  • Avoid large or prominent logos.
  • Include clothes that fit your body (hint: clothes that are contoured tend to look better) and make you feel comfortable. This will help you feel safe and confident in front of the camera.
  • Don’t forget your accessories.

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4. Choose brand-related props and locations

You’re the star of the show, but what’s around you matters too. We cannot leave it to chance.

To enhance your brand, check your inventory of all the props you need for a particular shot. Talk to your photographer as well, as they may already have a few in their studio. For example, my big megaphone is an all-time favorite for social media posts and launches.

For lifestyle photography, look for a location that emphasizes your brand values ​​and the vibe you want to convey. An informal coffee shop? Do you have an outdoor setting that emphasizes your connection to nature? Do you have your office with city views to enhance that authoritative atmosphere?

Again, consider color as well. Does the background work well with your wardrobe and brand palette, or is there a danger that they will mix?

5. Put your best self out front (but stay honest)

What is my recommended photography philosophy?

Don’t go into it thinking you’re going to ask the photographer to slim it down significantly in post-production. But plan your hair and wear makeup if you want.

You can even have your nails done before the shoot. How about a facial to pamper yourself and guarantee your best skin?

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6. Relax and rest

Trust me: You don’t want to look all wired and on edge after your massive caffeine fix.

Make sure you get plenty of sleep and drink plenty of water during the week leading up to the shoot. Your skin will look glowing, energized, and you won’t be stressed by new bags under your eyes.

7. Get in touch with the photographer

Got all your initial brainstorming and shot lists done? That’s great! But I can confidently speak for all photographers when I say that we still can’t read minds.

Share everything from your brand colors to the pose you want before the shoot.

Like most photographers, I send out in-depth surveys to keep your brand glued to the T, but you can always add to it (yes, even on Pinterest mood boards you spontaneously create. ).

Remember: A personal branding photo shoot isn’t about taking pretty pictures. It’s about creating shots that reinforce your brand and complement your overall marketing strategy. And to do that, you definitely need a plan.

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