Hunter McGrady poses with mom and sister in ’empowering’ swimsuit photoshoot

Hunter McGrady’s latest photoshoot features his mother and sister. (Image via Getty Images)

Hunter McGrady’s latest photoshoot may be the most personal yet.

Over the weekend, the 29-year-old model took to Instagram to share new photos from Summersalt’s body positive swimwear campaign, “Every Body is a Summersalt Body.” McGrady’s latest post features a photo of the star posing with her sister Michaela and her mother Brynja in a coordinated swimwear brand look, including sizes.

“It’s the most special shoot of my career so far,” McGrady said of the photo. It is nothing short of beautiful and emotional to do this with.”

“Thank you, @summersalt, for telling our story and not only accepting us for who we are, but celebrating it,” she continued.

Fans couldn’t get enough of the family ties and praised the McGrady trio for their “stunning” photo shoot.

“Three natural beauties,” wrote one follower.

“That’s all!” said another. “Strong and beautiful lineage of God!”

“Beautiful, strong, inspiring women!” followers echoed.

“You guys are gorgeous! I live on the beach and I’m very self-conscious,” a fan told McGrady. .”

“Thank you for being a great role model for everyday girls,” said another follower.

McGrady’s latest photo shoot is just one example of the star’s mission to normalize fashion for women of all shapes and sizes.

Earlier this year, the model spoke to Yahoo Canada About posing SI: Swimsuit Fifth time, months after giving birth to my first child.

“I felt like I came into myself a little bit and I was so excited to do it,” she said.They had a child 30 years ago. [I want them to see that] They can get out there too and feel good about their bodies and know they’ve done something really great.

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