ImagenAI Raises $30 Million to Bring Artificial Intelligence to Professional Photography

Growth Investment Led by Summit Partners to Accelerate Product Development, Go-to-Market Strategy and New Market Expansion

TEL AVIV & LONDON – ImagenAI (“Imagen”), a leading provider of AI-powered editing solutions for professional photographers, today announced it is a global growth investor, with the participation of existing investor NFX Announced a $30 million investment led by Summit Partners. The funding will support continued investment in strategic hiring and M&A, the company’s expansion of his SaaS offering, and further accelerating Imagen’s rapid growth.

Imagen was founded in July 2020 to modernize and improve professional photographers’ post-production workflows by intelligently automating large-scale image editing. The initial idea for the business came from co-founders waiting months for wedding photos. In speaking with a number of photographers, he identified a clear pain point felt across the industry. While advances in digital photography increased the amount of images captured and stored, the post-production work was still largely repetitive and time-consuming, approximately 2 hours he estimated. Time for each hour of shooting time. Since each photographer has their own style, existing tools have not been able to generally automate the process. With a background in machine learning and computer science, his Imagen team saw an opportunity to dramatically improve this workflow.

“We built Imagen to make life easier for photographers. Our AI-powered solutions are specifically designed to automate the tedious aspects of post-production work, allowing each artist to You can maintain and evolve your unique creative style,” said Yotam Gil, co-founder and CEO of Imagen. “Imagen allows photographers to focus on the artistry of their work and provide a better experience for their customers.”

Imagen’s end-to-end AI technology creates an individual profile based on the photographer’s previous work and unique creative style. The more photos you upload and the more diverse the scenes and lighting conditions, the better our AI can capture each editing style and accurately predict dozens of editing parameters. Imagen’s solution saves up to 90% of post-production time, reducing hours of manual work to seconds while preserving each user’s personal style. Profiles evolve with you and learn over time, improving accuracy and consistency in applying each photographer’s style to new photos brought into Imagen.

Based on these AI-powered editing capabilities, Imagen plans to launch a culling product in the near future that leverages users’ AI-generated profiles to select the best photos from a photo shoot and streamline post-production. We plan to continue expanding our SaaS offerings, including: further processing.

After starting on its own, the Imagen team raised a seed round in September 2021 to support adoption and continued rapid growth. Today, Imagen is profitable and counts thousands of photographers as part of its growing user community, helping these creatives and his professionals better serve their customers and grow their own businesses. and help you develop your own style. Imagen edits over 150 million photos annually and saves millions of manual hours each month for a wide range of customers, from individual photographers to large studios and other creative businesses.

“Imagen offers a truly innovative and intuitive solution that can be broadly applied to different genres across the creator economy where large amounts of digital assets are being generated, from events, e-commerce and travel to real estate, sports and food. “We believe this dynamic, smart and visionary product will serve the professional photography industry. We are delighted to be partnering with the bright team and look forward to working with them to build on the strong momentum they have established and bring Imagen’s leading edge technology to new markets.”

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About Imagen
Imagen is on a mission to transform the photography industry with AI-powered solutions that modernize post-production workflows, helping professional photographers plan better, work less, earn more and work faster. Allows you to focus on the creative side of Thousands of professional photographers trust his Imagen to speed up the editing process so they can spend more time doing what they love. Find out more at or join her Imagen community on Instagram or Facebook.

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