In films, you see me as different characters, and in Tathagata’s shoot, you see the diva in me

Celebrity photographer Tathagata Ghosh teamed up with actress Tunusree Chakraborty in the latest calendar photo shoot. This year’s theme is “Ocean”, and the photography captures different moods and moments of Tsunusuri. The Tathagata and the actress jointly launched a calendar at a recent event.

Thunusuri said of the shoot, “It’s my first solo calendar shoot. It was Tathagata’s brainchild and I’m doing something like this many years later. I really pushed myself for this shoot. In the movie, you see me dressed up in different character costumes, but in the Tathagata shoot, it’s the ‘diva’ Thunusuri. She also thanks the team for her girlfriend Nabinda (Das) doing the makeup and Ayan and her girlfriend Isha doing the styling. Also, this place is beautiful. This is not our first time exploring this place, but our photoshoot gives us a different perspective. ”

Tathagata Gauche and Tsunusuri

Meanwhile, Nyorai is overwhelmed by the shoot. “Thunusree took filming to another level,” he said. He added, “Last time, the main theme was ‘metal.’ This year, it’s the ‘sea. Each photo represents the ocean in a different style. We also tried to challenge conventional ideas. When we think of the ocean, we limit our imagination to bikinis and monokinis. This photo book is different. You can also see Tunusree in Lehenga in front of the sea. He carefully planned the shoot to be aesthetically pleasing. He planned it so well that the actual shoot only took him a day and a half. ”

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