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Pakistani fashion brand Demesne Couture came up with a “different” concept to promote itself after a photoshoot featured a model next to a toilet seat, but it seemed indigestible to internet users. .

Fashion brands are always trying to come up with unique and creative ideas to make their branding stand out.

In the same race, Pakistani fashion brand Demesne Couture opted for the novel idea that the counterparts of female models were toilet seats and other washroom objects rather than male counterparts.

In one of the photos, she can also be seen sitting on the toilet seat.

According to the brand’s creative designer, the idea behind the photo shoot was to emphasize a woman’s rarely-present personal space and privacy.

However, despite Domaine Couture’s thoughtful approach, the post received a heavy backlash due to the presence of a toilet seat.

People commented that the brand’s creative team had so many things to choose from to represent a woman’s privacy and personal space, but they went with the toilet seat.

Check Internet users’ comments on the post.

After receiving a heavy backlash, the brand removed the post from its Instagram handle.

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