Is a Bouclé Sofa Worth it?

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It’s 2020 and you’re sitting cross-legged in a sectional recessed chair from IKEA that you bought ten years ago. When you returned to the office, you were described on Zoom as a “hybrid model.” If you’re looking down at a smudge of either chocolate or dog poop, you panic. I’m going to work like this… indefinitely? All of a sudden, I was scrolling through Pinterest looking for design ideas and came across the theme of the bouclé sofa.

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We’re talking curvy, knobby textured sofas that have hijacked your feed. It made a big comeback during lockdown in May 2020. [is of] The most important thing,” explained designer Tina Ramchandani in a 2020 interview. architectural digest“It’s been a busy day with very real issues about the environment and the political climate. [cozy] A home space that promotes well-being is essential. ”

That’s why designers seem to risk their lives to keep up with this trend. From Gabrielle Union to Elsa his hosk, boucle her couch continues to feature on his tour of celeb homes, unlike quarantine fads like Bird watching and tie-dyeing. (shown above). But sadly, as a home editor, I can’t help but wonder: How practical is this? Sure, those cozy couches look gorgeous in a professionally staged photo shoot. But what if Gabriel’s dog had an accident? Or Elsa’s kid spilled chocolate milk? Will the stains come off (or… just buy a new sofa?). So I decided to test one.

Below, find everything you need to know to own a bouclé sofa (how to care for it) and our five best picks to suit any lifestyle.

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What is a bouclé anyway?

named after the French term buckle“Curl” means “to curl”, and it is characterized by a knotty texture woven by irregular curly threads. “[The yarn] Most often it is made of wool, silk or cotton fibers, making it a soft and cozy choice for upholstery,” explains Kardiel’s expert. Essentially, bouclé falls somewhere between fleece sherpa and marling linen. Layered chunky knits enhance the space without overwhelming it, providing a cozy, organic modern look that’s currently exploding in interiors.

How durable is it?

Disclaimer: As beautiful as it may be, the boucle is a *delicate* fabric that demands to be treated as such. Its high-pile loops are highly susceptible to dirt, dust, colored dyes, and even small lint, and are immediately noticeable. See photo below. You can see how dirty the “puff” part of the Cardiel has become after just 3 months of daily use.The white chaise turned basically black and it took me 4(!!) hours to completely remove the buildup and discoloration (details below). strongly suggest Especially if you have children, pets, or messy roommates, use Bouclé Performance Fabric. Yarns are coated with a patented technology to repel stains, spills, urine, blood, stains, and more. (Watch the video below if you don’t believe me.)

However, top performance fabric brands (Crypton, Revolution, Sunbrella, etc.) sell bespoke bouclé sofas for $90 to $300 per yard, and often these pieces are made to order. Not to mention that regular bouclé is itself one of the most expensive textiles on the market, and you’d be hard-pressed to find a sofa under $2,000 (performance or not). In short, if you’re planning on using the fabric on an occasional/formal couch (ideally in a room that’s child-free), I think you’ve got it. If the words include ‘durable’ or ‘affordable’, consider scratching the itch with a bouclé cushion instead.

How to care for the boucle?

First and foremost, when the manufacturer’s instructions say “regular vacuuming and spot cleaning,” it means “you should clean this every day.” I learned this the hard way: after three months of occasional cleaning, my boucle turned from a bright white to a dull discolored gray.

Image by Sydney Meister

In my case, I was used to the slow accumulation of dirt and discoloration, so it took a visit from my mom (and her frustrating glare) to drive me into cleaning mode. By the way, I was advised: 1 teaspoon mild detergent, 1 teaspoon white vinegar, 1 quart warm waterTest the cleanser on a small, inconspicuous area of ​​your couch first. Apply the solution with a microfiber towel in a dabbing motion, followed by soaking a clean cloth and wringing it out with cold, fresh water to rinse off the solution.

At first, nothing was happening. The discoloration and stains didn’t come off, even though I was sweating in earnest from the vigorous scrubbing. voilaSlowly but surely, the original white fabric showed through. After repeating the cycle for 4 hours, this is what I was left with.

Image by Sydney Meister

Simply put? Since the deep cleaning, I’ve continued with regular vacuuming and spot cleaning (I’ve added a ton of neutral throw blankets as a protective barrier). Must: I wish I had gone with performance fabrics. Indeed, the Kardiel sofa I tested looks so gorgeous (when clean) in my living room. But if your lifestyle is like mine, you might be better off with a performance model. See below for five performance boucle sofas that don’t sacrifice.

Best Boucle Performance Sofas of 2023

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al house

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Ben Soleimani

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Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams

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diorama living

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