Jessie James Decker explains why husband Eric won’t get vasectomy

Jessie James Decker explains why her husband won’t get a vasectomy. (Photo: Tommaso Boddi/WireImage)

Jessie James Decker says there is one step her husband Eric Decker refuses to take in order to avoid an unwanted pregnancy.

The parents of daughter Vivianne, 8, and sons Eric Jr., 7, and Forrest, 4 aren’t planning on adding more kids to their family. reason.

“I keep asking him, ‘Go make that appointment’ and he won’t. He just won’t do it,” she told me. Us Weekly“He says it takes, like, his manhood away from him. So he’s just gonna leave it, I guess.”

During a vasectomy, a surgeon cuts the vas deferens, the tubes which carry sperm from the testicles to the urethra, according to the US National Library of Medicine. Sperm can therefore not move out of the testicles, meaning it is not possible to impregnate a person. It is considered a permanent form of birth control. While it can often be reversed, it is an expensive and more challenging procedure, especially if it has been many years since the initial vasectomy.

Jessie previously said that she and Eric had scheduled an appointment for his vasectomy, telling Us Weekly in a January 2021 interview that he was going to “get it snipped.” In fact, she was the one who had some reservations at the time.

“I don’t know how I feel about it,” she said previously.

In addition to talking about whether or not she will expand her family, the Kittenish founder has opened up about facing mom shaming due to a photo she shared of her kids during a beach vacation. Some criticized the mom due to the fact that her children appeared to have “abs.” Despite the negative reactions alleging Jessie and Eric had put their kids on a diet and workout routine, she told Us Weekly that the muscles were merely genetic.

“My kids are athletic, they are outside and genetics have a big play. Like, my siblings [Sydney Rae Bass and John James] had six packs when we were kids and so did Eric and his sister,” she said. “They were just genetics and my kids are extremely active and I’m not gonna apologize for it. There are a lot of times where I’m not gonna speak up about things, but they’re my kids and I’m a mama bear.”

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