Jobu Tupaki from ‘Everything Everywhere All at Once’ is 2022’s movie style icon

Say “thank you” to everyone All at once, anywhereDirected by the duo of Daniel Kwan and Daniel Scheinert (a.k.a. Daniels), this movie just gave us a remix of “Absolutely (Story of a Girl)” and a googly-eyed rock that made us cry. It also gave us the biggest cinematic style icon of 2022. : Jobu Tupaki (Stephanie Hsu).

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Originally an Alphaverse version of Evelyn Wang’s (Michelle Yeoh) daughter Joy (also played by Hsu), Jobu’s mind is fractured from too many poetic leaps. As a result, she constantly feels everything in the universe. What better way to express that sense of infinity than with a seemingly myriad of dazzling looks? , which perfectly complements her own experience. In addition, it will be the most impressive, eye-catching, and surprisingly flashy hair and makeup in this year’s film.

In a video call with Mashable, All at once, anywhereHead of Makeup Michelle Chang and Head of Hair Anissa E. Salazar break down five of Jobu’s most iconic looks and the process behind them.

1. Elvis Jobu

Credit: A24

Did any of the villains of 2022 make as big an impact as the weird and wild shocker Elvis Jobu? From the white Elvis jumpsuit to the pink wig to the jewels on her face. The look is perfect and showcases Jobu’s style sensibilities perfectly.

According to Chong and Salazar, the Daniels put a lot of trust in them and costume designer Shirley Kurata when it comes to designing their looks. Some things were also laid out in the script.

Chung and Salazar knew not only that Jobu would appear as Elvis, but also that she would arrive walking pigs in pink smoke. I quickly realized that it had to be glamorous and glamorous to match. A glitter root and a custom pink ombre effect transformed a store-bought blonde wig into an on-screen pink power look. .

A similar need for glamour influenced Chung’s makeup choices. “It was one of the first we actually saw [Jobu]so I wanted to make a big impact.

“[Jobu] A lot of my looks came from letting her emotions wrap her face. She expresses herself through her appearance,” Chong explained.

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2. Goddess Jobu

Woman with sparkling white make-up and pearls on her face. A bagel with her hair braided is placed on her head.

Credit: Michelle Chan

With reference to all of Jobu’s subversive bagels, no breakdown of Jobu’s look would be complete without this eye-popping pearly confection.

Chung’s make-up here is one of many examples of the intertwined collaborative process of Chung, Kurata, and Salazar, which Chung described as “organic.” In this look in particular, Kurata revealed that she was wearing pearls on Joubu’s outfit, so Chung incorporated the pearls into the look to tie the whole thing together. , which seamlessly matches Jobu’s heavenly outfit and its surroundings.

Almost all of these astronomical scenes are white, and Jōbu’s black bagel hair stands out even more. . The effect is textured and luscious. Perhaps enough to make the hair bagel a supernatural weapon of its own?

“At some point, I thought, ‘Maybe she can eat people and suck souls out of bagel holes,'” Salazar recalled with a laugh. All at once, anywhere Fatal hair bagel cut, I’d love to see it.

Considering how great this look is, and considering all of Jobu’s other looks, it’s no surprise that it became a hit as a cosplay option and as a Halloween costume. It’s a pleasure. It was also part of their original plan.

“Anissa and I were like, ‘We want to be everyone’s Halloween costume,’ and that was our goal,” Chong said.

“That was part of the conversation with Daniels. We said, ‘These are going to be cool looks that people can recreate,'” Salazar added. “This is the most memorable character.” I’m so excited to find out that she’s one of the.By the time we see people using her for cosplay and Halloween costumes, it’s flooded our social media and we’re I am very happy about that.”

3. K-POP Goofy

Woman with orange glitter makeup.her hair spells words

Credit: Michelle Chan

This K-pop-inspired look features what might be Jobu’s boldest declaration of personality yet. To effect, Salazar practiced forming names on foamheads. The “b” was the biggest challenge, but Salazar was able to nail it with Chong’s help.

Salazar was inspired by the looks she saw in the fashion world and the Korean pop stars she called herself a “fashion icon.” Salazar and Chong were often inspired by looks they had in the past.

“I was hiding ideas that I’d always wanted to dive into, things I’d never been able to do before, and dream editorial photo shoots,” Salazar said. “And this was our opportunity.”

The rest of K-pop Jobu’s hair is held in a series of fun and colorful clips, and Salazar was inspired by Japan’s Harajuku style. was able to be purchased around Harajuku.

Everyone thinks of this look as “K-pop Jobu,” but Jeong had a different nickname: “Sad Clown.” The orange color reminds me of clown makeup twists. It also helps create an effect that makes Jobu cry.

“I wanted it to feel like a runny nose,” Chong explained. “I do all the makeup tutorials called the ‘cold girl’ look that makes it look cold outside, so it’s pretty funny. It’s almost the same feeling. “

Jobu’s melancholic makeup contrasts with her K-pop hair and colorful jacket adorned with teddy bears (Kurata’s own Jeremy Scott creation). “She wears this crazy, fun outfit…but she’s really this sad girl wearing all these things to show that her emotions are really getting out of control.” I wanted to cry in secret and make it look like I had been blowing my nose for too long—”

“Still chic!” added Salazar.

4. Goth Jobu

A woman dressed in all black. Her hair is tied up in space buns and she has a red heart painted on each cheek.

Credit: Michelle Chan

Jobu keeps her emotes on her face with this goth-inspired look she wore during one of her darkest confrontations with Evelyn. Her two hearts stand out on her cheeks in her black spiky outfit.

“She still loves her mother very much. [this look] It was for this scene where he’s very angry while talking to his mother,” Chong explained.

This is one of many makeup looks Chong prepared in case she needed a completely new look during a shoot.shooting of All at once, anywhere She and Salazar were done over eight weeks. With such a tight schedule, she and Salazar had to be prepared for something. Both Chung and Salazar started out in independent films, so they’re used to working under time constraints and short budgets, and even repurpose some of their old looks for new ones when necessary.

For example, this goth-look hairpiece was also used in the flashback sequences and Jobu’s scene girl look. Salazar, however, draws inspiration from Jobu’s costumes and anime.

“[Kurota] was mentioning [Jobu’s] Necklaces and spikes and goth boots, and immediately I was like, ‘We have to goth. sailor moon Hair, it just fits the picture correctly,” said Salazar. sailor moon I added bangs, then space buns—fake barbed wire wrapped around them—and glitter roots. The glitter she used also came from her time in fit sailor moon The theme is in the shape of a crescent moon and a star.

Hearts and glittering moons juxtapose delightfully with Jobu’s inky ensemble. “She’s really in pain, but you want her to look sweet and cute and innocent when she’s actually a villain,” Salazar said.

5. Hodgepodge Jobu

A woman with curly dark hair and conceptual Picasso-style makeup sits at the bottom of the stairs.

Credit: A24

Jobu Tupaki’s final evolution is a hodgepodge of all previous costumes, complete with big, fluffy hair and a conceptual make-up look inspired by Picasso.

“Basically, everything is coming out at this point. She’s wearing all her wardrobes at the same time,” Chong said. rice field [for her makeup]’ Because that was Picasso’s idea — everything was on one plane. “

The end result is a stunning, graphic look: bizarrely turned lips, eyes painted over Jobu’s eyelids, another tear on her face. It is paired with a wild hairstyle that makes it look like

To achieve what Salazar described as the “cotton candy effect,” she created several figure eights using hairpins of various sizes. She also cut her bangs unevenly to accentuate Jobu’s hodgepodge look.

“I thought the bangs would complement the makeup,” Salazar said.

You might think that having one character wear all of these wild hairstyles and makeup would be a recipe for disharmony, but All at once, anywhere, Jobu’s ultimate style. Yes, the entire movie revolves around the concept of the multiverse, but that’s not all. Using threads common to each look, such as shimmering roots and teardrops, Chong and Salazar create consistency out of chaos. These looks are wild and stylish, but they are also deeply rooted in Joubu’s personality. did.

Salazar says: That’s the power of glitter, wigs, and incredible hair and makeup skills.

All at once, anywhere It’s streaming on Showtime.

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