Karan Johar’s Message On Parenthood Will Melt Your Heart!

Renowned father and filmmaker Karan Johar recently shared a series of adorable achromatic moments from filming with his daughter Ruhi and son Yash. The adorable poses of the already loving father and children are undeniable.

Karan Johar has always been active in posting pictures from parts of her life, including her children. Aside from being a filmmaker, he always claims to be a father first, as his Instagram bio tells us.

Karan Johar’s message on parenthood

But what caught the most attention along with these photos was the heartfelt note Karan Johar wrote for his lover. , he wrote: Words aren’t the best way to describe what it feels like to be a parent…if only hugs had their own language.

The single parent also shared an adorable photoshoot moment with his kids last Father’s Day. Underneath, he expressed gratitude to his mother for his support, and eventually thanked the universe for gifting him with Ruhi and Yash. No! Only one hard heart is needed! I know I’m mine…”

In fact, there are many examples of Bollywood celebrity parents who have left no stone unturned to wow us with their heartfelt notes and messages to their children. shared a lovely photo with Nitara Kumar of

Beneath the photo, she wrote a beautiful message about parenting that read: Fill their heads with ideas, respect their strengths, make them aware, but never emphasize their weaknesses. That includes throwing vegetables. “

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