Kerala Bride Poses On Road Full Of Potholes

Bridal photo shoots occupy a very important place in a bride’s life.

Brides usually shoot in beautiful locations for the best photos on their big day. But this Kerala bride did the opposite. Check out the images. A Kerala bride posed for photos on a potholed road on her wedding day.

Kerala bride walks on a potholed road

Apart from photos, user @arrow_weddingcompany also posted a behind-the-scenes video. In the video, a Kerala bride wearing a red saree and gold jewelry for the ceremony can be seen walking along a large pothole completely filled with muddy water.

The video also shows a passing vehicle struggling to avoid falling into a muddy pit. A photographer is seen taking pictures of the bride from a distance. This video has so far garnered him over 40,00,000 views and on Instagram he has over 37,000 likes.

Dividing opinions on bride photo shoots

Social media users seem to be divided on the issue, as the video went viral. Some boosted the brides with their creative ideas, while others commented on the constant bad conditions of Kerala’s roads.

One user wrote, “That’s the road? If you buy fry, you can farm them.” Another added, “Not in the middle of the road….by the pond.” “So they are not taking pictures on the road or by the pond, so no one will be a problem,” another wrote.

Kerala bride wedding photo shoot, taken next to the hole
instagram screen grab

Action on road conditions in Kerala

According to reports, on August 9th, The Kerala High Court has directed the National Highway Authority of India (NHAI) to take immediate action to remediate all roads. Through the current concessionaire or new contractor, under their control and without further delay.

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