Khloé Kardashian calls out awkward reason Kim shared a photo of her to Instagram

Khloe invites Kim to share her photo Instagram / Khloe Kardashian

Khloe Kardashian called her sister Kim Kardashian for hilarious reasons like she shared a photo with Chicago West on her timeline.

The Kardashian-Jenners love to show affection in public. Not only are Kourtney and Travis Barker sharing cuddly photos on their Instagram grid, but the famous sisters are also into birthday tributes and cute messages for each other.

Most recently, Kim shared a photo of Khloe with her niece, Chicago, Kim’s third child, with the caption, “Two of my favorite people.”

While many fans were praising Kim for her sweet message about her sister, Khloe called her out for a hidden motive — the red background in the photo actually looks great in Kim’s current Instagram scheme. rice field.

“Oh I know this is because it was on your feed, but the caption got me 🫶🏽🥹,” Coco wrote in the comments, with over 14,000 likes. , “
Kim Haha” and “😂😂 One thing is for sure, you know your sister.”

Kardashian-Jenners fans will know that Kim is a big fan of her well-organized Instagram grid, which themes her photos in a variety of colors. Recently, it’s silver and glitter, neon pink and monochrome.

Sorry Kim, Chloe put the watch on you.

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