Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro’s Daughter Poses by Life-Sized Gingerbread House: Photo

Kimberly Stewart and Benicio del Toro daughter pose

Kimberly Stewart/Instagram

Kimberly Stewart shares sweet holiday shots of her daughter.

The 43-year-old actress, daughter of musician Rod Stewart, posted a new photo of her daughter Delilah, 11, to her Instagram story on Monday as the pair stepped out for a holiday display.

The 11-year-old wears a light pink mini dress with a pastel green cardigan and poses sweetly in front of a life-sized pastel gingerbread house.

Back in September, Delilah, 55, whom Stewart shares with actor Benicio Del Toro, celebrated the first day of fifth grade.

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Daughters of Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro pose in front of a life-size gingerbread house

Daughters of Kimberly Stewart and Benicio Del Toro pose in front of a life-size gingerbread house

Kimberly Stewart/Instagram

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“BTS Grade 5 ❤️,” Stewart captioned a rare photo of her child wearing a white shirt, khaki skirt, colorful pastel sneakers, and bracelets on her wrists.

Many commenters noted that Delilah was catching up to her mother’s height rapidly.

In February 2021, Stewart spoke to PEOPLE about her then-new organizing company, The Realm, and how rearranging her daughter’s closet inspired her to start the company.

Stewart said Delilah inherited her mother’s knack for organization, but struggled to put things away.

“Delilah sometimes wears her favorite clothes until they’re two sizes too small, at which point mom intervenes,” she said with a laugh.

“I like to keep it simple for my kids when they are old enough to dress themselves. We have it all in categories.

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