Kylie Jenner Strikes Series of Sultry Poses in See-Thru Dress and Matching Undergarments

The makeup mogul did an impromptu photo shoot while on the elevator.

kylie jenner Well known for her bold all-black looks, the makeup mogul keeps the theme in her latest Instagram photo set.

“Going up?” Jenner, 25, captioned the series, which found the mother of two posing in a mirrored elevator.

She wore a sheer black dress with floral prints embroidered all over, with cutouts at the left hip and shin. It melts as if it were there.

Some photos also showed the reality star wearing an oversized black leather jacket and carrying a small black bag.

First, she became supportive in the corner, thrusting her hips to the left as she rested her weight on her right arm, which was pressed against the glass.

Next, her body was facing a corner, her right hand held high against the glass, looking smolderingly at the camera over her left shoulder.

She sat on the ground with the other leg, tucking one leg under her buttocks and spreading the other leg forward.

She was able to squeeze out a few more poses during the floor, including a close-up of her face with makeup on.

“I will go anywhere with you!!!!!!!!” Maguire Amundsen commented, followed immediately by “BADDEST!!!!”

Justin Sky I left a simple “😍” in response.

However, many commentators focused their attention on Jenner’s makeup. This was surprisingly uneven for a beauty guru.

“The color of the face and chin is three colors,” he pointed out.

“Are you wearing bad makeup on purpose🫤🫤?”

Jenner’s sharp cheek contour lacked blend, while her lips seemed delineated and glossy with no color to fill the center.

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