Lap-dance NYPD cop Vera Mekuli posts villainous photos

Those are some arresting photos!

New Bronx cop Vera Mekri made headlines last year by performing a lap dance to her boss at a holiday party, but she melted Instagram with a sizzling snap dressed as DC Comics bad girl Harley Quinn. there is

Wearing harlequin make-up, fishnet stockings and anti-hero oversized mallets, the 27-year-old Mekri posed next to a black Subaru WRX STI.

In one image, she’s standing in front of the car looking back at the camera, and in another, she’s crouching in the back of a spoiler-equipped Subaru.

Mekuli posted three photos on his Instagram page.

Her cheeky snap made her fans overheat.

Mekuli made headlines last year when she performed a lap dance for her boss at a holiday party.


“Definitely represents NEW YORK FINEST!!!” One Gawker drooled.

“The best cop ever,” wrote another.

However, not everyone was impressed by her provocative photos.

“How this broad range is still a cop is beyond me,” wrote one. Is this acceptable? Is this a backup if someone is fighting for their lives?”

Vera Mekuli has taken the internet by storm with her new racy photos.

Mekuli was suspended earlier this year after making a fuss about his family's arrest.

Mekuli was suspended earlier this year after making a fuss about his family’s arrest.


It’s unclear whether the cop wants to ignite a modeling career or start an OnlyFans account. I recommended that

Her Instagram page shows Venmo and Cashapp information in case any of her 23,000 followers want to lend support and send money to her.

“She just hired me for a photo shoot. That was it,” photographer TJ Connors told The Post. He didn’t provide any further information about the shoot.

Connors says he typically charges $80 for 10 photos.

Mekuli got into hot water a year ago at the 44th Precinct’s annual holiday bash when he started the grind over married Lieutenant Nick McGarry, a lap dance caught on video. McGarry was sent to the Department of Transportation as the NYPD opened an investigation.

She later apologized and said she didn’t know McGarry was married.

Mekuli was suspended without pay in May after stinking about his family’s DUI arrest at the New Jersey State Police barracks.

According to the NYPD, Mekri was still assigned to the 44th Precinct in the Concourse Section, while McGarry was assigned to the 49th Precinct in the Northeast Bronx.

Mekuli did not return requests for comment.

Additional reportby Matthew Sedaka

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