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Perth’s Gallery Central hosts a one-of-a-kind opening night early in the new year. permissionunveils the latest collection of nudescapes by photographer and artist Lauren Kreuk.

In addition to the unveiling of this new collection, the opening night celebration will also see Krook do a nude photo shoot of the group for guests to witness.

permission Featuring breathtaking and thought-provoking work shot across Australia, it combines Crook’s trademark mediums. The naked bodies of women and non-binary people are represented in her radical, Western art-inspired creative compositions that empower audiences while stimulating conversations, promoting gender-based sexual violence, oppression, and disrespect. Raise awareness about equality.

To convey this message to guests on opening night, Crook uses art as a vessel by demonstrating one of the group’s nude photo shoots. This immersive and evocative experience gives you a behind-the-scenes look at how the work is made, while also reflecting on how a woman feels about her relationship with her non-binary body. It aims to connect viewers with art by encouraging them to and the concept of permission.

When devising plans for the opening night, Kreuk’s vision was faced with concerns that guests might feel confronted with nudity, which Lauren Kreuk welcomed as an educational opportunity.

“Make them feel uncomfortable and make them wonder why they feel that way. I sincerely believe that.”

Participating in the live photoshoot are women and non-binary people who have previously attended one of Klook’s group nude shoots. You can even find some of them in the exhibition Nudescapes. The collection, permit, was taken in the middle of a busy intersection in the middle of Perth’s financial district on St George’s Terrace.

This collection has been two years in the making since her last exhibition. saw(2020), screened at Whitespace in Fremantle, grabbed Perth’s media attention and helped grow communities of like-minded people across Australia who are empowered and connected through Lauren’s art and cause. I continued.

The realization that her photography can create a powerful impact by inspiring communities has inspired independent documentaries Tour de nude (currently in production) follows Lauren and her team across Australia as they take photo shoots in the capital, addressing gender-based sexual violence, oppression and inequality, objectification, censorship and commodification. It highlights the systematic and social frameworks that enable The continued existence of women and non-binary organizations in Australia and beyond.

nude prints from Tour de nude will be published for the first time in permission. The entire collection and behind-the-scenes images have been crafted into a high-end “coffee table” book featuring personal writing from select photoshoots, available for pre-order on opening night.

Opening night: January 5, 2023, Tenants at Gallery Central: 6-20 January 2023, Artist floor talk & Q&A event: January 14, 2023.

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