Lily Collins Rejected Repeatedly Before Landing Netflix Show: Is Phil Collins the Reason?

She is currently starring in one of the most popular shows on Netflix.

However, Lily Collins says she was rejected many roles at the beginning of her acting career. Being Phil Collins’ daughter may have been one way she got the job But I couldn’t.

Was it the father’s fault?

The 33-year-old actress appeared on the cover of V magazine and told the publication: Green. I was like, don’t know what that means. ”

Green like “go”? But I actually needed a little more maturity, practice, and experience.I think it was always really important for me not to take [rejection] “No, this is not for you.” It was just “No, not now.”

In the accompanying glamorous photoshoot, Lily looked absolutely stunning in a variety of hipster looks.

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She wore an elegant black fishtail dress, wore a large hat and posed with her hands on her hips.

Her black hair was slicked back and she wore makeup all over her face to accentuate her beautiful features.

It said after Lily discussed contrasting classic sitcom Sex and the City with her own Netflix series Emily in Paris, her lead role in the latter would be “more contemporary.” .

This week, the actress, who is the daughter of singer Phil Collins, explained that the Netflix series isn’t your typical romantic comedy because Emily is more focused on her career, friends, travel and education.

In Sarah Jessica Parker’s Sex and the City, Carrie Bradshaw and her friends are frequently looking for romantic partners.

Lily explained that the rom-com structure of Emily in Paris incorporates many additional storylines in addition to the romance.

Early on, she was already asked about how she feels about being Phil Collins’ daughter, and could be accused of riding on her parents’ fame, so she decided to use her surname first. She eventually realized that this wouldn’t happen as long as she knew she was working hard.

Now, Phil Collins has reportedly already retired due to deteriorating health. His fandom didn’t disappear overnight.

Phil Collins has been out of the spotlight since announcing his retirement, but he continues to rule the internet. Collins shared the heartbreaking news to his fans during his O2 Arena performance for Genesis. When he announced his retirement, the drummer who had been seated during his last performance with his band got up and walked off the stage with his bandmates.

The musicians’ health issues from a few months ago resurfaced in the news, propelling them to the forefront of trending topics. Multiple news outlets shared earlier updates on Facebook about Collins’ inability to hold drumsticks.

Due to his health problems, he decided to leave his position and “find a real job.” After suffering a spinal cord injury, he previously said on BBC Breakfast that he could barely hold a stick. He explained that the drumming posture causes the spine to compress the spinal cord.

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