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slugfirst of localization The 2023 showcase brings together three pioneering artists who think beyond traditional boundaries and fuse genres into a frothy soup of experimentation.come to kilby coat Thursday, January 19 (doors open at 7pm, music at 8pm) with co-headliner Idan Jene Numerovno with opener Tribe Boulevard Don’t miss the most cutting-edge sound night in town. slug I want to thank essential photo supply For generously hosting the photo shoot for these articles.

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slug: Could you tell us about your history and music?

Idan Gene: I started listening to a lot of nu metal, pto punk I fell in love with it when I was in grade school, then I started asking my parents for a drum kit and some lessons so I could play all my favorite songs (some of which I still play in rotation). Before I knew it, I had started to grasp the art of music, from covering songs to forming a band. Over the years, I’ve been in bands of various styles and genres, but one day my mother handed me her 2011 MacBook Pro, which had GarageBand already installed. and began experimenting with songs.

Around 2014 I switched to Ableton and started collaborating more with friends. Over the years my friends and I have shared our songs, ideas and techniques, and I feel that it all owes much of my growth as a musician. I think we’re still doing what we’ve been doing for years, aiming to make the best music possible.

slug: Can you talk about your own musical tastes and how they influence your work? Blending elements of pop, hip hop, emo and electronic, this unique sound How were you born?

IJ: Normally my tastes vary depending on my mood, but in the last few weeks I’ve been rotating post-hardcore, Filipino folk, deep house, and whatever else I can come across. I grew up listening to a lot of pop, hip hop, emo, etc. When I’m writing a song, I feel like I’m searching for precious memories and imaginary scenes and scoring them. I feel that my music is a body projection of my favorite sounds and styles.

7Wings Money's "The aim is to inspire, motivate and create together." In the case of Gene I will say.
Photo: @robtookthis

slug: 7Tell us about the WingMoney Collective. How did this group get started, and what artistic purpose does it serve for you and other artists?

IJ: 7WingMoney is a music collective composed of myself, b4nky, That, Andy Doors, Dirty Mike, Mia Summers When Ben RaWe are also doing projects under the WORKS codename. POR7AL Research When Thien When I Design at the helm—keep an eye out for what’s ahead.

The group can be said to have started during the writing process of radio in our hearts, b4nky, OLAN and I wrote the album. We all felt like a band because of how much fun we had. light corp Also wing team 7We experimented with themes surrounding ‘heaven’ and ‘angels’ and associated the number 7 with those concepts. Eventually, the term 7WingMoney was coined and stuck.

Add Andy to the mix. He’s been spinning at shows and playing our tracks at gigs. Then Mike, Mia and Ben La sang from the bottom of their hearts. Everything feels like a machine and its purpose is to inspire, motivate and create together. A big part of the reason I think it all works is because we were all friends or knew each other before we made the name.

Idan Jene and localized co-headliner Numerohuno.
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slug: How does collaboration affect your music? Do you produce all your own work or do you work with other local artists in this field?

IJ: For a while, I was making my own work, but for no particular reason, I didn’t really understand the meaning of collaboration. If someone is cooking in the studio today, someone must be using it. It usually turns into a jam. I’ve come to value my alone time as much as the time I spend working with 7WM.

When you think about collaborating outside of 7WM, you probably have some local artists in mind. Musically, Numerohuno and I are working on something. Shout out to him, Cuka, and his allies.

slug: Tell us about how your visual look/style interacts with music, or how you conceptualize the visual parts of art (album covers, photo shoots, music videos, etc.) within music Please give me.

IJ: I think there is a deep connection between my sound and visual style. Just like my music, I find scenes in my imagination and build the world bit by bit. It’s all about details and careful planning. I like to think long term and develop cohesive lines of work. I’ve always loved the concept of having a rich lore. Little facts and breadcrumbs, cameos and everything really tie it all together. With the help of POR7AL RESEARCH and the talented visual artists we have worked with over the years, we hope to leave a world where the right listeners can meet and enjoy together.

slug: Where do you hope your artistic practice will grow in the future? Do you have any new ideas you would like to share?

IJ: I don’t want to hesitate to release more music. One thing that keeps me hesitant is that it usually takes too long to drop something and eventually you hate it and don’t release the project. b4nky and her OLAN and I she will be releasing an album around February and we are very excited about this album.it is called 7 OVI think E and I have really outdone ourselves. Also, I’ve always wanted to do it in a post-hardcore band, so I’m thinking of doing it. Perhaps under another alias.

Follow Idan Jene on Instagram @idan_jene for many.

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