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slugfirst of localization The 2023 showcase brings together three pioneering artists who think beyond traditional boundaries and fuse genres into a frothy soup of experimentation.come to kilby coat Thursday, January 19 (doors open at 7pm, music at 8pm) Idan Gene Numerovno and Opener Tribe Boulevard Don’t miss the most cutting-edge sound night in town. slug I want to thank essential photo supply For generously hosting the photo shoot for these articles.

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slug: Please tell us about your musical history. How did your passion develop into the Numelovno project?

Numelovno: About four years ago, when I first heard my voice on the mic, I never looked back. I knew it would be something I would do for the rest of my life. emotions and cravings. Music if you’re sad; music if you’re crazy. Happy music. Excited music. depressed, music. High like a kite, music. unmotivated, music. After all, my life revolves around this musical shit. It’s an obsession. My music is driven by emotions, ups and downs. [and] My experience over the years, and being open and unobtrusive. I like to express and let go of those feelings so I can move forward and continue to evolve.

slug: Can you talk about your own musical taste and how it influences your work? How did it come to reside in your unique sound?

Numelovno: It all traces back to a little kid in a car with mom. We were always on long trips back and forth between visiting families in California, Utah, and Minnesota because we didn’t have a stable location. A long butt drive listening to her wide variety of music for hours and hours would eventually be all the light.All from artists like Linda Jones, Barbara Lynn [and] Jennifer Rivera To bone thug, nirvana90’s-2000’s hip hop, Usher, bob marley Such.my pops were heavy too 50 cents, of, lil wayne, snoop dog and the Dr. Dre tape.

With the money I earned from snacks, I started buying CDs from an ice cream vendor who would visit my grandma’s house every Sunday. The prices of CDs had risen, so the aunts burned her CDs. I think it was then that I became subconsciously obsessed.movie You Got Served Played a big role when I fell in love with music and the culture that surrounds it. baggy pants, baggy t-shirts, fitted hats, Along with the breakdancing aesthetic, I went! I started writing lyrics without beats and remembering all the flow and rhythm while writing. My musical tastes were already versatile thanks to my mother, but then I started to explore more on my own. Young Thug, XXX Temptation, future, Travis Scott, Tyler the Creator When ASAP Rocky Ultimately leading my generation. From fashion to lyrics, [having] Vulnerability with utmost confidence inspired me even more. I don’t listen to much music anymore. When I listen to music, I usually listen to rap. That’s why I like to experiment with different sounds. It’s all new to me and I can get totally creative with trivial inspiration. I think my sound is still very experimental. I’m always blending songs I love with things I haven’t heard before. It’s the process I enjoy the most.

slug: How does collaboration affect your music? Do you produce all your own work or do you work with other local artists in this field?

Numelovno: I am blessed with a very unique team. Everyone I work with is one of my brothers. We are all very close and we each have our jobs. vinegar beets When Adam Banks Those are the two masterminds behind my beats and engineering. Cuka makes most of my beats [and] Adam has designed and mastered all my published work. [and has] Made a handful of my records. It is a privilege to work with these great and talented people whom I can call my brothers.

(L–R) Localized co-headliners Idan Jene and Numerohuno having a good time with their furry friends.
Photo: @robtookthis

slug: Tell us about how your visual look/style interacts with music, or how you conceptualize the visual parts of art (album covers, photo shoots, music videos, etc.) within music Please give me.

Numelovno: I just get dressed and let the set flow. Cute, fly, and set the mood. I like to really manipulate my work, but when it comes to visualizers and photography, I like to let the photographer or videographer express himself 100% with little to no input. I only work with people whose creativity I admire. I think that’s the real deal.

slug: Where do you hope your artistic practice will grow in the future? Do you have any new ideas you would like to share?

Numelovno: I really want to be able to record myself anywhere, anytime and drop the record instantly. I understand how difficult mixing and mastering can be, so there are many steps to getting it working, but that’s a goal I set myself to achieve.I’m currently working on two projects. is. No date has been set as to when it will drop, but we plan to drop a few singles in the meantime.

slug: Is there anything else you would like to mention here?

Numelovno: “CANDY RAMPAGE” was released BABY GO GET THAT. Also, at the beginning of summer, dropped a project titled Vic ValenciaBe a true human being Keep your intentions pure at all times. Take care of your mind and body. It’s okay if you get lost sometimes and don’t know what you want out of life. Stay pure and act with love and your purpose will find you.shout out slag mug.

Follow Numelovno on Instagram @numerohuno.valencia for many.

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