Madonna Releases Disturbing Photo Shoot With Vanity Fair Featuring Dead Babies And References To The Occult

Known as one of the world’s most iconic pop stars, Madonna, 64, has built a devoted fan base over the years. However, many of them have recently expressed concern over how Madonna has changed her appearance so badly and posted disturbing content on her social media accounts. They often share photos and videos that are close to appropriate nudity. Meanwhile, Madonna has been accused of child trafficking by a charity known as the Ethiopian World Federation (EWF), which has accused Malawian President Lazaro Chakwala of “child trafficking, sexual exploitation and sexual slavery.” As a precautionary measure, she requested that she and her peers limit their access to African and African children until a thorough investigation into the legal system, revocation of adoption, threats of coercion and fraud. , deception and abuse of power or vulnerability.”

Madonna adopted four children from Malawi and founded the charity Raising Malawi, which helps orphans and needy children through health and education programs. EWF claims that Madonna set up the organization to “host a social experiment for vulnerable African children in Malawi,” and also cites a photo of her adopted son David in women’s clothing and makeup. They also allege that David’s father wasn’t actually away when Madonna applied for adoption.

In the midst of this scandal, Vanity Fair Italia decided to release an issue featuring Madonna on the cover, which was featured in a disturbing photo shoot containing dead baby dolls, blasphemous religious references and occult-like imagery. Decided.

Madonna releases disturbing photoshoot at Vanity Fair featuring dead babies and occult references

The latest issue of Vanity Fair Italia is called The Icon Issue, and Madonna was photographed by the famous celebrity photography duo, Luigi and Iango. “To mark her return to the stage, and to mark the 40th anniversary of the start of her career, Vanity Fair has signed the singer, actress, director, author and activist to photographers Luigi and Iango. I let them participate in an art project, values ​​that Madonna embraced with pioneering spirit on her journey from yesterday to today,” Vanity Fair Italia wrote in the Instagram caption. In an exclusive interview with (biography link), the artist talks about feminism, inclusion, the artists she loves and follows, future plans, children, freedom of expression, and her eternal struggle with patriarchal culture. “

In an interview, Madonna was asked what she feared. It’s one of those futuristic dystopian movies.

Madonna also said that motherhood was “the toughest battle” of her life. “Motherhood is probably the hardest clown performance to sustain,” she said. I’m having a hard time understanding how to become and work because no matter where you are or who you are, having and raising children is a work of art.No one gives you a manual I will not give. We must learn from our mistakes.”

The interview looks normal enough, but the photos in this issue of Vanity Fair Italia are not. The cover photo is a shot of Madonna disguised as the Virgin Mary with a similar outfit and a heart engraving with several swords stuck in her chest.This is where it gets weirder.

Few pictures show Madonna sitting in the middle of a long table with half-naked people surrounding her. Intended to refer to the Last Supper. People eat bread and drink wine and the Madonna stands in her midst and is worshiped by the models around her.This is a blasphemy for Jesus Christ having his last meal with his disciples It’s a perspective. Some people in the comments section expressed disgust at the blatant ridicule of Christ and Christianity in general.

But that’s not all. In another series of photos, Madonna wears a low-cut white dress, adorned with dead baby dolls and body parts cut off from the baby dolls, showing that her face is completely obscured. Standing in the middle of her two models who were separated. One is wearing all red and the other is wearing all white. It may be a reference to Heaven and Hell. In another photo, Madonna wears her skull mask to cover the lower half of her face, referring to the occult. In yet another photo, she stands next to a model wearing a mask made of gems and sequins on her face. Her model nails are long and exaggerated. She’s creepy the whole way around and feels a little diabolical. There’s even a photo of her with horns on her head standing next to a man in underwear who looks like she’s posing as some sort of creature.

In all of these pictures, Madonna refers to herself as the Virgin Mary, the perfect Madonna meant to be worshiped.

Some fans have praised the photo shoot for being bold and thought-provoking. However, many people are particularly uneasy about photos of dead babies. Why are there so many of his fashion campaigns and art pieces in Hollywood featuring dead children, naked children and children in dire circumstances these days?

Some content creators have noted how depraved Madonna’s mocking of Jesus Christ, the Bible, and Christianity is.

Neither Madonna nor Vanity Fair have reacted to any of the backlash, proving that Hollywood celebrities can have whatever they want these days.

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