Maternity Photo Shoots Are Not Inside The Box Anymore

It’s been a long time since maternity photos have become all the rage overseas. However, taking pictures of mothers during pregnancy has traditionally been frowned upon in India. There were many reasons for this, but the most common was that the mother chose to hide the fact that she was pregnant. malicious eyes. Baby bumps were always supposed to be hidden under baggy clothes. Showing off naked baby bumps was a big taboo!

However, many Indian fashions, trends and styles are heavily influenced by Bollywood. And as a result of amazing pregnancy photos taken by our Bollywood superstar mother, showing off her gorgeous baby bump and portraying herself as a real, vulnerable yet bold and beautiful woman who embraces motherhood. As a result, people began to ponder.

Expectant mothers are beginning to wonder more about what it means to actually ‘show up’ during pregnancy with excess weight gain, fatigue, anxiety and the kangaroo pouch they always carry around. , I began to understand that I might be able to enjoy my body during pregnancy, immerse myself in the wonders of childbirth, and share this joy with the world without fear of judgment.

In an exchange with ABP Live, baby and maternity photographer Jiyaa Arora said: Times have changed. Today they have so many ideas and are ready to experiment.

A breathtaking underwater photo session was taken by actress Sameera Reddy while she was pregnant a few years ago. I received a lot of praise for the fact that I was thinking about it.

It’s amazing to see expectant mothers happily flaunting their baby bump and owning their pregnancies in gorgeous maternity shoots.

“So I say bare your baby bump. Check out the latest photoshoot of soon-to-be mom Bipasha Basu.

Bringing your partner along for some quirky poses is another great idea. These make for super fun photos and create memories you can cherish for a lifetime.

“Choose striking colors. Don’t be afraid to step into the limelight. Don’t try to blend in. Stand out. You’re going to be a mom! With as many pops of color as possible.” It’s time to celebrate! We love that pastels, retro ’70s colors, striking neon hues, and bold, bright colors are back in trend so much.

Monotonous poses and facial expressions are now a thing of the past. “We prefer something more candid now. We want the mom to be in her own element. To bring out all the emotions that are running through her at the moment.” ‘ she added.

Social media has also helped a lot. It has allowed the normalization of sharing personal and intimate moments.Social According to Jiyaa, his media has paved the way for trends and inspired communities to try new things. increase.

“My favorite thing about today’s maternity photography is that you can capture everything a mommy wants! It can be a natural and candid photo, but it can also look like a high fashion magazine cover! Great maternity! Let your photo shoot literally become a statement piece on the wall of your home.”

She added, “When an expectant mother comes to us, whatever the concept of the photo shoot, we make sure to keep her safety and comfort first. We want her to feel safe.” For many, it may have been your first time in front of a camera. .emotions! Most of these clients, after giving birth, have returned for newborn and family photo shoots. Photography is known to allow you to express yourself, but it does more than that. It helps focus on the positivity in life, improves self-esteem and reduces the stress hormone cortisol.”

Pregnancy is one of life’s greatest experiences. “I am so happy to be a part of this amazing experience and to celebrate with mothers. Every woman has a story and my job as a photographer is to capture that story the way she can. We believe that photography is not just about capturing memories, it is about creating experiences.

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