Maternity Photoshoot Ideas For Gorgeous Photos Everyone Will Fall In Love With

Pregnant Moms! During your second trimester, you may want to do a maternity photo shoot. There’s something really special about capturing baby bumps before they arrive, whether it’s for family, friends, or yourself. ) is a limited time.I want to capture it. And once the photo is developed, you can add anything you like to the photo itself, such as cute family quotes or information about your due date.

There are endless ways to take maternity photos. Casual or posed, with or without props, wholesome or sexy (yes, sexy!), studio or outdoors. Maternity photos are not only bumps, In many cases Since it’s about bumps, you can also include family members and pets. If you want to be a full-fledged Beyoncé, do it. If you are comfortable with causal at-home sessions, do it. Whichever route you choose, capture maternity photos that reflect your personality: wild and fun, thoughtful and introverted, family-focused and exciting.

Try scheduling your photo shoot between weeks 29 and 35. You’ll want to pop the bumps properly, but sometime before you can’t see your ankles. Scroll through to find some of the best maternity photo shoot ideas, and shop the outfits and props you need to make it frame-worthy.

best maternity photo shoot ideas

1. Include four-legged babies.

Don’t forget your first baby! Dogs and cats make everything better, including maternity photos. Considering that when the babies arrive they have to take a backseat of attention, you owe them a little time now to put the spotlight on them. ! – Get this bra and matching underwear from Victoria’s Secret.

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Get a simple, lacy bra like this one from Victoria’s Secret.

2. Large balloons make an easy and fun prop.

After all, it’s time to celebrate! A bouquet of balloons will solve the “what to do with your hands?” Ask questions while taking pictures. If you’re the match-match type, wear a dress with coordinating corollas and ridges. This balloon set comes with 100 balloons and 65 yards of curling ribbon for everything from maternity photo shoots to baby showers, You can easily make it to your first birthday party. Make sure someone else is responsible for blowing them up.

3. Keep it simple.

A simple yet stunning studio maternity shot like this one will keep your bump in the spotlight.

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Try this long sleeve bodysuit and copy the look above.

4. Use symbols.

You can make this fun and cute with a sign that literally says “baby” (we have a similar one available for purchase below) or a sign that you can write your own message on.

Getty Images/Anna Bogdanova

Getty Images/iStockphoto

5. Capture a close-up of the bump.

You won’t have that belly forever – we promise! – Be sure to take a close-up shot of that beautiful belly during your maternity photo shoot. How do you like it? Now look for one with a tummy-defining waist tie, which can be removed for a more generous postpartum look.

Getty Images/Mariya Babic/EyeEm

Getty Images/EyeEm

I love this floral maxi dress from Amazon.

6. Go full Beyoncé.

No one but Beyoncé can be Beyoncé, but you can take a little inspiration from her memorable flower maternity photoshoot. like) and a flower crown to emulate Beyonce at her best.

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Get rose petals here:

7. Pick up the ones with flowers.

Only a field of sunflowers shines as brightly as a pregnant mama. If you’re poppin’ while they’re blooming, take advantage of these big beauties! Keep your wardrobe simple, like this stunning white gown.

Getty Images/

Jin Choo Ferrer

Getty Images

I love this simple one from Amazon.

8. Wear a corolla

Wreaths aren’t just for Coachella and Carole Baskin. It can also be used as an accessory for maternity photography.

Tiffany Nicole

Check out SHOOTT Photography to book a session in your city and discover more maternity shoot ideas!

Get similar wreaths from Amazon.

9. Capture small moments.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

Take a close-up shot of your belly. It’s easy, cute, and gives you an excuse to wear a new top or sweater. I love simple things like this dark blue speckled sweater (similar to the photo above).

10. Show off your new nursery.

Getty Images

It won’t be long until your nursery has a fussy baby and a full diaper bucket, so be sure to catch it before it becomes a mess.

11. Embrace sexy.

of course Pregnancy is sexy! Hi, do you remember how you got here in the first place? Jenna Dewan may look like she has a sexy sneeze, but she shines especially in this lace lineage number captured by Elizabeth Messina. I’m here.

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