Max Verstappen had ‘a very big question mark’ on Red Bull’s understanding of the 2022 F1 regulations

Max Verstappen claims he had serious doubts before the season whether Red Bull understood the 2022 regulations. I wasn’t sure if I had a good understanding of the aerodynamic philosophy, which put my title defense in jeopardy.

2022 was the year of Max Verstappen and Red Bull. The 25-year-old has broken Michael Schumacher and Sebastian Vettel’s record for most wins in a single season with his 15.

His Red Bull RB18 saw less reliability at the start of the season. However, the Austrian team fixed the mechanical problem and gave the Dutchman arguably the best car on the grid.

But back in the beginning of the year, the two-time world champion had serious doubts about whether his team understood the new regulations.

In an exclusive article for, Max Verstappen said about the beginning of the year:

“Honestly, it was a very big question mark. We had no idea where we were going because of the new regulations. Everything looked fine in the wind tunnel and in the calculations, but I don’t know what it would be like for everyone else.” I found. ”

he added:

“Did they find a trick? [that we missed]When the car appeared on the grid in Bahrain [for a pre-season photoshoot]there were so many different ideas for taking pictures, but you were like, ‘Did we do the right thing?

Max Verstappen’s domination didn’t make 2022 F1 season boring, McLaren boss claims

McLaren boss Zak Brown has insisted the 2022 F1 season has not been ‘boring’ despite Max Verstappen’s total dominance. In late 2022, the American found every race exciting, even though Red Bull had a clear advantage over the rest of the field.

Brown told the media:

“Certainly the racing seems better. I think everyone was worried that the cars would look the same. They certainly don’t. There are different concepts. New regulations are always improving. I think it was quite appropriate, and the race was very exciting this year.”

he added:

“It doesn’t feel like it’s been a boring season given Max’s dominance. Even if you think the paper results are boring, I think all the races have been very exciting.”

Max Verstappen won his second title in the sport with four races to go. He was determined to put an end to Ferrari’s return to form earlier this year. Red Bull 2022 Despite his driver’s record-breaking performance, Zak Brown insists the season wasn’t boring. He felt the 2022 regulations would allow closer midfield combat, leading to exciting battles around the grid.

The Dutchman now has his sights set on a title defense for 2023 and is looking to prevent the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes from stealing his prized honors. However, Max Verstappen’s title defense next year is in jeopardy due to the reprimand his team received for breaking the 2021 cost cap. Only time will tell if we can maintain our position.

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