Max Verstappen’s girlfriend slammed for controversial Vogue photoshoot

Female motorsport fans have criticized Vogue Netherlands for creating a motorsport-themed cover featuring Kelly Piquet, who will be on the cover of the famous magazine’s January issue. .

Full-time model Piquet is the girlfriend of two-time world champion Max Verstappen and the daughter of controversial former F1 world champion Nelson Piquet.

Kelly herself never hides from controversy and has been known to expose her outlandish political views on social media.

Nonetheless, she is often seen in Verstappen’s corners and by the podium, and the two appear to be inseparable.

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Given that she’s been surrounded by motorsport for a living, it’s easy to see why Vogue thought a motorsport-themed cover and photoshoot would be a good idea.

“This world is very familiar to me. I know what they are going through,” Piquet told the magazine.

But Piquet doesn’t seem to be the kind of person who can represent women in motorsport. However, the magazine doesn’t really feature her as one.

Many have accused the magazine of giving the impression that she was a woman in motorsport, or at least someone who could represent it, with many describing the role as “actually in the sport.” ”I want women to fulfill.

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“It’s disappointing to see Kerry Piquet on the cover of Vogue, representing women in motorsport,” she added, adding, “There are so many women out there who actually compete in the sport and face constant adversity. These racers should have had their story heard instead.”

The likes of Jamie Chadwick and Red Bull strategist Hannah Schmitz are two well-deserved names for our motorsport-themed magazine, considering they are seen as role models by thousands of people around the world. Only.

Another social media user emphasized this point:

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