“Maybe He Can Pose With Brittney Griner”: Ukraine President Zelenskyy Blasted by Outspoken American Commentator

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky recently made a historic visit to Washington. Ukraine is now at war with Russia for over 300 days. In his speech, Zelensky asked for more help to fight Russia. The Ukrainian president surprised many by making a potentially dangerous trip to the United States and an equally dangerous trip back home. But many believe that President Joe Biden never invited Zelensky without reason. However, not everyone is sure of Zelensky’s visit to the country.


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Specifically, Tomi Lahren, a conservative American political commentator. Laren hinted that Zelenskiy is using the United States to his advantage, much like WNBA star Britney Griner.

Comparing Britney Griner to the President of Ukraine


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The Russian government recently released Britney Griner in exchange for arms dealer Viktor Bout. She spent more than 10 months in a Russian prison enduring harsh conditions. Her release was celebrated by many fans and celebrities. However, many were unhappy with the release of dangerous arms dealers like Bout.they are afraid “Death Merchant” It could endanger the country again.Many felt it wasn’t a fair deal to give up being an arms dealer just because the basketball player was famous. thinking “gain” And called Volodymyr Zelensky.

Lahren wrote on Twitter:, “Will Zelensky do a magazine cover shoot while he’s in America? Maybe he can pose with Brittney Griner, both of whom work for Americans for their own good.” Because I know how. Just a thought.”

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Silence in church when Britney Griner’s gender is questioned in wild tirade against WNBA

about 22 hours ago

Lahren also swiped Zelensky for a Vogue photoshoot with wife Olena Zelenska. A Vogue photo shoot with the Ukrainian First Lady in July during the war with Russia received a lot of backlash.


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Tomi Lahren talks Greiner release

The first reports of a prisoner exchange agreement between the two countries for Brittney Griner came out a few months ago. Tomi Lahren was quick to denounce the idea on Twitter. Then, when a prisoner-swap deal was finally struck and the 2014 WNBA champion was released, Lahren gave her the verdict.

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she pointed out on twitter, Will Britney Griner stand to sing the national anthem now that the US has compromised national security to free her? #Britney Griner

Lahren is a television presenter who has gained attention for her short video segments. “Final thoughts.”

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