Meghan Trainor Poses With Son Riley for Ethereal New Photo Shoot

megan trainor I have a lot to celebrate these days — happily married to my husband Darryl SabaraNew album coming out next month, but above all her young son, Riley.

Now she’s showing him off in style in a fantastic new photo shoot for him rompersand she shared some of her favorites on Instagram.

The trainer captioned the post.

The singer wore a modern outfit in shades of beige and blue throughout filming, and her son Riley, who is about two and a half years old, looks adorable in similar colors and bright thanks to her red hair and cute blues. A pop of color is built in. Glasses.

Clearly, many others appreciated both the style and Riley’s cuteness. mandy moore While commenting “O mg!!! ❤️❤️❤️” Hilary Duff “You guys sound like you’re dreaming. Uh-huh,” he wrote.

The rest of the comments were filled with similar exclamations, compliments, and words of support.

A few months ago, Trainor shared how Riley got glasses and finally saw clearly. A little boy makes regular appearances on his mother’s social media.

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