Mia and Lucia from The White Lotus Are Now Skims Models

White Lotus’s Mia and Lucia become skim modelsCourtesy of SKIMS

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if someone wins white lotus In Season 2, it was Mia and Lucia, best friends and slash scammers. They — SPOILER! — not only survived, they scammed two men. thousand By the end of our stay, while captivating the entire internet. Think of the selfish Robin Hood. But it’s Italian, it’s hot, and there are plenty of chunky sequin minidresses instead of leggings. SKIMS founder Kim Kardashian seemed as obsessed with their fascination as anyone else, enough to cast an actor to play them in his first major fashion campaign. .

Beatrice Grano and Simona Tabasco as Mia and Lucia white lotus Valentine’s Day 2023 photoshoot of SKIMS reunited in Season 2. Kardashian explained the casting in a public campaign post on her Instagram. she wrote

Beatrice Grannò and Simona Tabasco skim campaign

Courtesy of SKIMS

Shot by Donna Trope, the campaign is a little playful and a little sensual. The two of them pose with thick eyeliner and cherry red lipstick in a refreshed version of SKIMS’s ever-popular ‘Fits Everyone’ and ‘Silk’ collections. If you haven’t read the editor’s previous praise for SKIMS, you might suspect that you’re being duped, but fraud is irrelevant. SKIMS is as good as Grannò and Tabacso look. A video of the pair whispering behind their hands concludes with the also open secret ‘Tutto indossano SKIMS.’ “Everyone wears SKIMS.”

If there was an Emmy for a perfectly cast ad campaign, this would be the frontrunner. genius”, to “actually a genius”. (Others wanted more, writing, “Kim. I want Theo James. Make it happen” and “Where’s Jennifer Coolidge?”)

Beatriz Grano and Simona Tabasco in the skim campaign

Courtesy of SKIMS

The stars are as obsessed with the image as they are with their first global modeling gig. “It was so much fun filming the SKIMS Valentine campaign!” Granno said in a statement. “Having the opportunity to work with my friend Simona and experience our first global fashion campaign together is something very special.”

Tabasco added, “It’s very rewarding to be a part of Beatrice’s global fashion campaign that celebrates friendship, women, being empowered and sexy in your own body.”

Beatriz Grano and Simona Tabasco in the skim campaign

Courtesy of SKIMS

Tabasco and Grano items worn in the campaign will be on sale at the opening of the SKIMS Valentine’s Day shop on Thursday, January 26th. white lotus Season 3, TBA.

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