Naturists gather their bits and pieces to pose for a colourful photo in Canberra

It’s a hot summer’s day in the nation’s capital, and the members of Get Naked Australia strip off everything to cool off, ready to pose for an especially colorful photo shoot.

Founder Brendan Jones describes Get Naked Australia as “a body positive group that runs clothing optional events to help people feel comfortable in their skin”.

Today, group members and friends gathered to undress and throw colored dust at each other for a group photo with participants ranging in age from early 20s to late 70s. .

Founder Brendan Jones says the ethos of Get Naked Australia is all about body positivity. (ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

“We provide unique human experiences for people to get out of their comfort zone and learn how to feel comfortable in their bodies,” says Brendan.

Get Naked Australia’s central ethos is to embrace the naked body by “fighting the tsunami of negative body image material” that people face every day, says Brendan.

“Body dysmorphism is a huge problem in today’s society, and I think being socially naked with other people can be both challenging and very rewarding,” he says.

“We’re just trying to show a normal, natural body, and have fun learning to make people feel comfortable in their own skin.”

Brendan says no one at the event was trying to get a peek at each other’s naked bodies.

“You learn very quickly in this environment. No one is watching you. All those fears are in your head.”

A line of naked people covered in multicolored dust.
People in their 20s to 70s participated in the Canberra photo shoot. (ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

Lauren Sutherland says her confidence grows with each Get Naked event.

The group’s organizer, after the success of the same colorful event in Sydney, thought an event in Canberra would be ‘easy’, encouraging visitors to visit the Sydney Opera House and one of Australia’s most famous beaches. made me stare.

“We had a really good group of people [who] Attend a recent Spencer Tunic [photography session] in sydney [and] At Bondi Beach, why not replicate something like this in Canberra,” she says.

“I’ve been involved with this group for a long time, but with each event I find a new part of myself that I love and accept.

A woman smiling at the camera.
Lauren Sutherland is a member and organizer of Get Naked Australia. (ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

Lauren says the event encourages attendees to “accept the body they’ve been given” and denounces negative body image, a notion perpetuated on social media.

“People and social media really give us highlights and body images of our bodies, and we don’t always see what’s out there or what’s normal,” she says.

“People may feel a little self-conscious about certain parts of their body. They come to events and realize that everyone is different, everyone has different parts.”

Two people smiling in front of the signboard. Naked and covered with colored dust.
The Get Naked Australia photo shoot took place at the ACT Nudist Club.(ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

naturist and self-love

So who is attending these events?

Sophie Rutherford is a self-proclaimed nudist, a term that refers to the practice of socially private or public nudity.

She says she’s always been pretty happy with her skin, but attending the Get Naked Australia event has added another dimension to her own body positivity brand.

A woman with colored dust on her face is smiling at the camera.
Sophie Rutherford says naturist events “make her feel good from the inside out.”(ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

“Being with other people of all shapes and sizes makes me feel so good on the inside,” says Sophie.

“It’s like disempowering everyone and leading everyone to the same [level] I think it works wonders for my body positivity when I’m not dressed. “

Sophie says being with other naturists is one of the “happiest” aspects of her life.

“people [ask]”Don’t you just judge people by looking at them?” and “How do you have a normal conversation?” ”I don’t think so,” she says.

Another self-proclaimed naturist, Benjamin Howard, is attending his first Get Naked Australia event.

A strong believer in a positive self-image, Benjamin says he is impressed by everyone who participates in the naturist movement.

A shirtless man smiling at the camera.
Benjamin Howard is attending his first ever Get Naked Australia event. (ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

“There is nothing for people to come out and bare everything. [judgement]at the end of the day, it’s all about love,” he says.

Benjamin, a personal trainer, reflects a message of body positivity that he believes is a big reason Get Naked Australia exists.

“Being confident in your body and self-image is very important in this day and age,” he says.

Two naked people with their backs to the camera covered in colored dust.
Get Naked Australia welcomes everyone to the event and makes sure it is held safely.(ABC News: Nick Hagerty)

Founder Brendan wants to see the Get Naked Australia community grow even further.

“The events we run are highly vetted and a very safe environment,” he says.

“I love seeing new people attend these events because I get to see their walls come down.”

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