Norman Rockwell Museum exhibits Hilary Knight, illustrator of ‘Eloise’

In black ink and a splash of pink, illustrator Hilary Knight has created one of the most iconic children’s literature characters: the precocious, Plaza-terrorizing Eloise. His collaboration with Kay Thompson on a series of Eloise books began in 1955, and his whimsical portrayal of an adventurous girl in Knights for which he is best known.

Knight’s career didn’t stop at the Plaza Hotel, as she was featured in a new exhibition at Berkshire’s Norman Rockwell Museum titled “Eloise and Others: The Life and Art of Hillary Knight” in magazines, newspapers, Broadway and advertising. is introduced in the illustration.

“We really felt it would be an exciting opportunity to showcase the work of a true illustration master,” said Stephanie Plunkett, the museum’s deputy curator and chief curator. I think,” he said.

The exhibition, which runs until March 23, is the result of cross-strait curation, Plunkett said. Knight allowed the museum to select works from his studio in California and his apartment in New York City. This includes fashion drawings and personal photographs never before published in Glamorous.

“Eloise and More: The Life and Art of Hilary Knight” Exhibition

  • Location: Stockbridge, Massachusetts, Route 183 9, Norman Rockwell Museum
  • When: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, Friday from 10am to 4pm. Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 4pm through March 23rd
  • Tickets: $20 adults, $18 seniors and veterans, $15 teachers with ID, $10 college students with ID, under 18 free. active military; EBT, WIC, ConnectorCare cardholders, frontline healthcare workers.Tickets available online.

“Prime Time Me!” Holiday Vacation Activities

  • When: December 26, 27, 29 and 30 at 11am and 2pm.
  • Tickets: Free, pre-registration possible, highly recommended onlineHowever, walk-ins are accepted.

Also includes the original drawings of Knight’s published works. Steven Herr Sondheim’s “Gypsy” Broadway Her poster purple background with red-haired Angela Herr Lansbury in red in watercolor. She works briefly at the Plaza Hotel in Eloise. Plunkett said Knight, who attended the opening night reception, was thrilled to see many of his works on display.

“This is a lovely, rich painting from a very productive artist who continues to paint well into her 90s,” she said.

Of course, no knight exhibit would be complete without the legendary Héloise. In addition to his illustrations and character studies for the book, an unpublished painting of “Eloise in Paris” and a portrait of Eloise once stolen from the Plaza Hotel are integral parts of the exhibition, and Plunkett In particular, he said that it contributed to the increase in visitors. family.

“People come to the exhibition because it’s fun,” she said. “Winter can be a bit cold and boring, but it’s always nice to enjoy something warm and wonderful in the gallery.”

Knight’s illustrations and Eloise inspired a Vacation Weeks series of workshops for families looking for activities during their holiday break. On December 26, 27, 29 and 30, kids can experience activities inspired by Eloise in Hollywood. They have been invited to create self-portraits and narrative illustrations inspired by Knight’s work, Plunkett said. Autograph, a riff of Eloise’s catchphrase.

“We celebrate who each child is and all the special qualities that make them,” Plunkett said.

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