Our Family Goes An Extra Mile When Preparing Humorous Christmas Cards To Share With Loved Ones

Our family is obsessed with Christmas cards every year. We’ll be coming up with ideas, brainstorming, negotiating concepts, voting on them, and collecting all the costumes and props for the big photo shoot in October.

We use a camera timer to take pictures of ourselves so the idea always remains a secret until the cards are printed. It’s about to turn around. It’s our favorite family tradition that gets better every year.

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She showed off her chic take on Christmas this year on the covers of Vogue-type magazines

We all loved dressing up like haute couture versions of our favorite Christmas characters. Like Jack Frost, Mrs. Claus, Frosty, the Candy Cane Fairy and of course Santa.

In 2021, we love the idea of ​​a happy mom in a safe snow globe “bubble.”

Even our dogs Nala and Trooper looked confused for the shot!

2020 was a disaster, so we wore matching “Dumpster-Fire” tees.

Lysol wipes, toilet paper, hand soap, sanitizer and masks. We wish you all a safe and healthy holiday. It is a vivid memory of the years we all endured.

2019 was the year we played with the ‘perfect’ Christmas idea everyone tried to express on social media

Our version included everything that really happens during the holidays – burnt cookies, messy wrappers, lighting accidents, broken all decorations and even decorations from the top of the tree. Accident. This was so much fun to shoot and even our pup got in on the action.

One of my personal favorites is the 2018 drawing of the whole family as tree ornaments.

What fun it is to dress up as our favorite childhood adornments: angels, toy soldiers, Santa, reindeer, little drummer boys, dolls, snowmen. Happily hanging in a festive evergreen tree.

The whole family is riding our ‘raindog’ Nala, and we love this whimsical card that features an elf sidekick nearby.

It was the first year we had our new travel-legged puppy Trooper.

One year we covered the “Silent Night” aspect of Christmas. The children pretended to be silent because they were tied to lights.

They found this very interesting. But we wanted to assure everyone that it was all fun, so we put a silly disclaimer on the card so no one would take it seriously.

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