PetSmart’s Free Santa Photos For Dogs Are Perfect For Howliday Cards

Vacations are all about spending time with the four-legged members of your family—your loved ones, including your dog. Some ways to include puppies in this season’s celebrations include opening up dog treat advent calendars and dressing up in adorable festive sweaters. Free Santa pictures for dogs will make your fur baby perfect. howlingID Card’s photo.

PetSmart is the best when it comes to shopping for a gift for your furry best friend. Their Merry & Bright collection is full of gift ideas for every pet on your shopping list, from dog treats for puppies, to ugly Christmas sweaters for cats, holiday cacti for reptiles, and even guinea pigs. Includes everything from mini-his holiday charcuterie board. Look. In addition to buying pets online, PetSmart also hosts free Santa Photo Days for dogs in-store.

These photos are perfect for sending holiday cards to friends and family each year. Instead of trying to frame your pet by setting up the perfect shot at home, PetSmart will take the picture for you. Just having Santa is a festive bonus! The problem is that you have to register for the photoshoot, so here’s how to book a free Santa photo now on PetSmart.

How to Book a Free Photo with Santa on PetSmart

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Reservations are available at all PetSmart stores in the United States on select days. Select either weekend 10-11 December or 17-18 December at time of booking. One of those weekends is missing.

These special photos with Santa can be captured with your personal camera or PetSmart can take the photo and email it to you. To reserve a time, visit PetSmart and enter your zip code to find your nearest store.[今すぐ予約]Click to see a list of time slots from which you can choose from all four dates. The timeframe is in 5-minute increments, so these photos are pretty fast.

Once you have found a time that works for you, you will need to enter your reservation information. The reservation information is just your name and email address. You can also have your booking confirmation sent to your mobile phone.

How to take the best photo of your dog

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Some dogs are naturally photogenic, while others struggle to sit still long enough to take a single snap. Luckily, PetSmart has some tips for taking the best holiday photos of your pup. Of course, step one is to dress up the part. Make sure your pet is wearing a great holiday dog ​​sweater so it looks like he’s standing next to Santa.

You can also get some squeaky toys or treats to see where they look or look at the camera. Treats can also be used to reward after a photo shoot. You can also take them to PetSmart before the shoot to let off all that excited energy, as well as look for treats they might be interested in. In addition, treat points will be tripled for shopping on the day of reservation. Stay away from this final tip and show your Santa photo a little before your appointment time.

And don’t forget to share your Santa photo online afterwards: PetSmart is running a #ShareTheJoy contest through December 18th. Simply post a photo or video of your pet’s holiday to Insta with the caption #ShareTheJoy and #Contest and the tag @PetSmart. The winner will receive her 4-day, 3-night trip to Universal Studios Hollywood for free. That means you can check out The Wizarding World of Harry Potter IRL. You’ll also earn 200,000 Treat Points worth $500 to spend on PetSmart.

The 5 runners-up will earn 100,000 Treat Points (aka $250) to spend on food, toys and more on PetSmart, and the remaining 6 will be randomly selected to receive Hill’s pet food free for a month. can be inserted. Basically, it’s a win-win because it costs money to reserve a photo with Santa for your dog this year.

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